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  A small wind blew in the Mushroom Kingdom. It curled around a small two floor house and left with a loud sigh. This house belonged to the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and his brother. The hero business didn’t pay the bills, but it helped build a reputation. These brothers were plumbers, very talented plumbers. The older brother, the hero, was a short, stocky, and stout man. He had a black, bushy mustache and brown hair with blue eyes and a big nose. He usually wore a red shirt with blue overalls, brown boots, white gloves, and a matching red hat with a white circle embossed with a red M which, coincidentally, was the first initial in his name, Mario Romano. He had a younger brother who was tall and lean, had a smoother mustache, and dressed like Mario, except in green and had an L on his hat to show his name, Luigi Romano. These brothers were Italian immigrants from New York. After a plumbing job sent them down the drain, literally, they wound up in the Mushroom Kingdom and rescued the princess from the evil Bowser Koopa, ruler of Darkland. The princess was Peach Toadstool and she wore a pink dress. She was blonde and had blue eyes like Mario and Luigi. Mario started dating Peach while Luigi dated a princess of a faraway land called Sarasaland called Daisy.

  I think that’s enough backstory. Onto the main story. This night, Mario was called away for a late night plumbing job. Luigi had the house all to himself, so he watched some t.v. and had some cookies and milk before hitting the sack on the chair. The t.v. had a color pattern on before it turned to static. The faint rustling of static woke Luigi up. “Hm?” he said in his nasal voice. “I was-a sure I-a turned it off.” He walked toward the t.v. before he thought he heard a voice over the static. It was very garbled, but it sounded like someone was trying to talk through the t.v. “Hm?” said Luigi as his hand moved toward the screen. All of a sudden, Professor E. Gadd’s face filled the screen.

  “Luigi!” said the professor. Old habits kicked in for Luigi as he fell butt first on the floor and backed into the chair.

  “Ow” said the younger of the affectionately named Super Mario Bros. Luigi wasn’t the bravest of all time; he still slept with a nightlight on.

  “I need your help, sonny!” said Professor Gadd. “It’s an emergency! The ghosts have gone hostile!” He then noticed what Luigi was doing. “Ah…what are you doing on the floor?”

  “Wondering how you’re-a in my t.v. and what you-a mean by ghosts-a going hostile,” said Luigi as he picked himself up.

  “Never mind that,” said Professor Gadd. “I’m preparing the pixelator!”

  “No, no, no!” said Luigi weakly. Whatever a pixelator was, it sounded dangerous. Luigi wanted no part in it.

  “Hold still, young feller!” said Professor Gadd, not listening to Luigi’s objections. The t.v. screen suddenly turned into green static as Luigi tried to get away. “Here we goooo!” said the professor’s voice as Luigi was turned into tiny cubes and sucked into the t.v. screen and transported to the bunker in Evershade Valley.
Dark Moon Prologue 3
The last bit of prologue where Luigi gets to Evershade Valley. As Mario would put it, "Heeerrreee we gooooooo!"
  The Toonian Empire is a peaceful place. Many a citizen has survived the most perilous challenge by using their natural cartoon physics mastery. It is ruled by King and Queen Narran. Their only son, Prince Toonar, was given free rein on who he wanted to marry. He started seeing a woman of the lower class. Her name was Mycala. They both loved each other and their parents certainly wouldn’t stand in their way. Later on, they got married. The newly named Princess Mycala and Prince Toonar were a great team as they fought many enemies, even Bowser’s armies. Princess Mycala usually wore a chessboard dress with a white shirt with black trimming. The sleeves go up to her wrist and fan out a bit. She wore black elbow length gloves that had a small flower on the top of the wrist with a white jewel in the center. She had a sheet white head with black eyebrows and lipstick. Her hair reached to the small of her back. She was wandering the castle this night, trying to clear her head. Toonar had gone away to convince a country to join the Toonian Empire. He had been gone longer than expected and Mycala was beginning to worry.

  “Toonar, where are you?” she asked as she came on to the castle’s balcony.

  “Penny for your thoughts?” asked a voice. Mycala jumped a bit and turned around to see her mother in law putting a hole back in her purse. Queen Rega had an inky black head with white eyebrows and lipstick. She was wearing a white night dress with black trim. Her hair was in a 50’s style bob.

  “Seriously Rega,” said Mycala, “you ought to knock or something!”

  “Sorry,” said Rega with a grin. Mycala then sighed and rested her arms on the guardrail. “Toonar will be back,” said Rega reassuringly.

  “It’s just taking him longer than usual,” said Mycala. “Who knows what happened?”

  “He can handle anything life dishes out,” said Rega. “I should know, I raised him.” Mycala grinned. It faded into a confused look as she heard static.

  “What the?” she said as she drew out her purse. She set it down and pulled out a white feather boa with a few black feathers. “So that’s where it went.” She tossed it over her shoulder. She then pulled out a set of dentures. “What are these doing here?” She tossed them over her shoulder. She pulled out a lot of items and rattled them off. “A clown wig, Dad’s tacky bow tie, ridiculous designer shades, rubber chicken, clown nose, Elizabethan ruff, ah, here it is!” She finally pulled out an 80’s television set and started adjusting. Toonsworth’s face finally appeared.

  “Your highness!” he said. “We have an emergency at…,” he trailed of as he saw the Queen. “Your majesty, is there a reason why you have that look?” Mycala turned around and saw her mother in law wearing the items she tossed out of her purse. She screamed in terror as her tongue came out and her eyes popped out of their sockets.

  “Very funny!” said Mycala. “It’s not nice to scare people!”

  “Just open your purse,” said Rega. Mycala did as she asked and Rega put all but the boa in. Mycala stopped her and pulled out a full length mirror. She wrapped the boa around her and looked at herself in the mirror.

  “Nah, works better with a sleeveless gown,” she said. She put the boa and the mirror back into her purse and gave her full attention to the t.v. “What’s up, Toonsworth?”

  “We have an emergency at Evershade Valley,” said Toonsworth. “The ghosts are no longer under the calming influence of the Dark Moon as some force has shattered it. Renegade Toonians have allied themselves with these ghosts. They've mentioned that they have Prince Toonar.” At that phrase, Mycala grew fierce.

  “Keep the line open, I’ll be there straight away,” she said. She turned to Rega. “I have to go.”

  “What’s going on?” asked a sleepy voice. The ladies turned around and saw King Toom in his chessboard pajamas. He was a portly man with a mustache and a spear bald head.

  “Our son’s been kidnapped by renegade Toonians,” said Rega. “They’re in Evershade Valley.”

  “The ghosts living there are under the influence of the Dark Moon,” said Toom. “They wouldn’t let Toonar be kidnapped long. As a future ally, they will prove beneficial.”

  “They won’t be in a negotiating mood,” said Mycala. “The Dark Moon shattered and the ghosts are hostile. They’ve allied themselves with the renegade Toonians. Toonsworth just told us of the situation. I’m going there to get Toonar back.”

  “Not without the family arsenal, you’re not!” said Toom. He handed Mycala a belt with a pair of pistols in their holsters and a drawstring bag.

  “Oh yeah, come to Mama!” said Mycala. She put the belt on and tied the bag to the belt.

  “Come home safely,” said Rega.

  “Come back with your shield or on it!” said Toom.

  “Preferably with!” said Rega. Mycala gave a small salute and jumped into the t.v. It disappeared as Mycala headed for Evershade Valley.
Dark Moon Prologue 2
I know it says Prologue 2. We're introducing the ghost hunter soon enough.
  The Dark Moon, a sinister name to a pacifying object. It hangs suspended over Evershade Valley, a paranormal hotspot that many a ghost hunter would kill to get to. Tonight, a part time paranormal researcher, full time inventor and scientist was in Evershade Valley. His name was Professor Elvin Gadd. He was a tiny old man with a huge head and glasses. He was dressed in the traditional scientist’s lab coat, button up shirt, slacks with the shirt tucked in, and shoes. He had a small patch of hair that looked like a small dollop of whipped cream had realized it was a living being it had been laid upon and not a dessert like ice cream and had frozen in fright. He had set up a lab in an old manor to study ghosts under the effects of the Dark Moon. He was so busy in his experiment that he didn’t notice that a small green ghost with two wispy tails instead of legs was floating behind him. It menacingly and slowly inches its hand to Professor Gadd’s shoulder, then taps him there in a friendly manner. Professor Gadd turned in his chair and was face to face with the ghost. It handed him a clipboard.

  “Experiment 27 is complete Professor,” it said in a high pitched echoey voice. “Here are the results.”

  “Ah, thank you Wilbert,” said Professor Gadd as he accepted the clipboard. He muttered as he looked over the results. “Let’s see…20,000 w’s per cubic meter…60,000 f’s for minimum…accounting for energy readout…applying the Gadd Paranormal formula…it’ll take a minimum of 360,000,000 f’s of destructive paranormal force to shatter the Dark moon!”

  “You said that living entities can only emit a maximum of 50 f’s of paranormal force if they use a ghostly power up,” said a voice. Professor Gadd turned his head about 45 degrees to his right to see a butler standing there. The butler’s name was Toonsworth. He was a Toonian from the Toonian Empire. He serves the Toonian royal family. Toonians look like humans in black and white. Their eyes are all black with a white dot as the pupil. They dress in black and white and have chess board hair. Male Toonians are inky black on the left side of the head while white as a sheet on the other side. The inky black side has a white eyebrow while the sheet white side has a black eyebrow. Female Toonians have either black or white heads with the opposite color eyebrows and lipstick. All Toonians have one thing in common, they have the innate ability to use cartoon physics. Toonsworth was a bald man with short wispy hair around the sides and back. He had a pair of spectacles set on his beaky nose.

  “That’s right,” said Professor Gadd. “And the maximum number of f’s I could gather for ghosts was 20,000. That Dark Moon ain't going anywhere!”

  “That sounds like tempting fate,” said Toonsworth. “No Toonian ever tempts fate.”

  “That’s not tempting fate,” said Wilbert, “this is. What could possibly go wrong?” A shrill beeping could be heard from Toonsworth’s pocket. He managed to pull out a bazooka, a 3DS, and a diver’s helmet before he took out a contraption with a screen on it.

  “Professor,” he said in a worried tone, “the f-o-meter is getting a reading of 400,000,000 f’s of destructive paranormal force heading towards the Dark Moon.”

  “WHAT!” yelped Professor Gadd. He snatched it from Toonsworth’s hands and stared in horror. “It’s staying stationary, whatever it is.” All of a sudden, the paranormal force shot towards the Dark Moon, disappeared, and returned to its original point.

  “Warning!” said the f-o-meter in a female voice. “Dark Moon shattered! Corrupting fog inbound!” Gadd and Toonsworth looked at the ghosts in the lab as the eyes disappeared leaving only the white lights. The ghosts suddenly went from docile, helpful vapors to hostile, destructive specters. They started tearing up the lab while Toonsworth turned into a tornado and got out of there with the professor. They headed straight for the bunker as the ghosts pursued them. The bunker was coated with a special material that repels ghosts called paranormalinium. They shut the door as the ghosts hammered away at the bunker.The hammering died down as the ghosts retreated to the manor. Toonsworth glared at the professor.

  “‘That Dark Moon ain't going anywhere’, you said,” he said. “This is why tempting fate is considered bad luck in my home!”

  “Now is not the time to pin blame on anyone,” said Professor Gadd. “We need to get help!”

  “Do you know of any ghost hunters?” asked Toonsworth. The hammering returned. “Persistent little creatures, aren't they?”

  “To answer your question, yes I do,” said Professor Gadd. “And if you think that that hammering belongs to ghosts, it doesn’t!” He activated a device called the parascope and set it to normal view. The source of the new hammering on the bunker was a group of knights in red and purple chess board armor.

  “Renegade Toonians!?” said Toonsworth. “As if we didn’t have enough trouble already!”

  “I’m getting the ghost hunter!” said Professor Gadd. “You get some help to deal with those guys!”

  “Very good, sir,” said Toonsworth. He pulled an 80’s style television with antennae and started adjusting. “Hello, hello, hello! Come in please! Come in Princess Mycala!”

  “Luigi!” said Professor Gadd on another screen. “Luigi, come in!”
Dark Moon Prologue
Just finished Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Of course, I decided to novelize it. Here's the intro of Professor Gadd and the debut of a new race called the Toonians.
Hey guys!

I have a few things I need to say. First off, Felidine Multiverse is coming along, just slower than usual. I have no idea how Tom and Sakura are going to get to Hikawa Shrine, considering that they arrived in Tokyo without any money.

Second, a few people on my facebook have been saying that they want to drop kick Phil or stab or cook him for seeing his shadow today. This led me to asking why we have a day dedicated to these creatures. Animals like Phil are something that you don't want on your property. They destroy everything.

Third, a few of you have noticed that Mickey Mouse and Snow White from Disney travelled to Sodor. Yes, I am making a crossover between Disney and Thomas the Tank Engine. Who hasn't made a Thomas crossover?

And finally, I had just finished Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, so expect an adaption of it here with a couple of OC's from a made up kingdom called the Toonian Empire. As advertised in their name, they have control over cartoon physics. I'm looking at walkthroughs of the game to get the lines from the cutscenes. I don't remember all of the cutscenes. 

That's all for now. Make sure you dropkick Phil for seeing his shadow!

Farewell, ladies and gentlemen!


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