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  Tom lay down in a bed. His face looked calm. It soon tensed up. “Mrgh! Grfh!” he said. “I’ll take you all on!” His eyes shot open as he sat up. “No one can arhggh!” He clutched his shoulders in pain.

  “Easy, killer,” said Sakura in a bed next to him. Tom looked around.

  “When did we get to a hospital?” he asked.

  “You were still out cold when the Sailor Senshi teleported us to a safer area,” explained Sakura. “Sailor Mercury suggested to me that we get to a hospital for our injuries. Considering that she’s planning to be a doctor like her mother, I didn’t object. She told the other senshi that she was going to get us here on her own. She was the one who checked us in. I filled in the names. The one looking after us is Dr. Saeko Mizuno.”

  “Dr. Mizuno,” said Tom, “got it.” That’s when Dr. Mizuno came into the room.

  “Ah,” she said, “I see that Mr. Wilson is up.”

  “That’s right, Doctor,” said Tom.

  “Well then,” said Dr. Mizuno, “the bad news is, the bad guys did a huge number on you. The good news is, you two are recovering a lot faster from your injuries than a human would. It’s almost like you were trained in some alien fighting techniques.” She laughed a bit. Tom and Sakura smirked at each other.

  “You’d be surprised at how right you are, Doctor,” said Tom. Sakura’s eyes popped open. Dr. Mizuno arched an eyebrow.

  “How?” she asked.

  “Great Tom,” said Sakura, “why don’t you just tell her everything?”

  “Er,” said Tom, “whoops.”

  “On second thought,” said Dr. Mizuno, “maybe you should stay here for a few more days. You may have received a concussion.”

  “Thanks a heap!” said Sakura to Tom.

  “Sorry,” said Tom.

  “I’ll be checking on you periodically,” said Dr. Mizuno. “In the meantime, Setsuna Meioh will be your nurse.” Someone entered the room. She looked a lot like Sailor Pluto in a hospital nurse outfit. “Ah,” said Dr. Mizuno, “speak of the devil. Nurse Meioh, will you look after these two? I’ll be back in a moment.”

  “Of course, Doctor,” said Setsuna. Dr. Mizuno exited the room. Setsuna looked around. “No one’s around. We can talk,” she said.

  “Does anyone else know about your other identity?” asked Tom.

  “No,” said Setsuna. “So, did you see Lord Demon?”

  “Was he the guy with the vampire skin, red eyes, and the ears and tail that Sakura has?” asked Tom.

  “Yes,” said Setsuna.

  “Then, yeah,” said Tom, “we met him.”

  “He was attacking innocent people,” said Sakura.

  “Did you engage him?” asked Setsuna.

  “Yep,” said Tom, “and his maids. But they swapped places with the Bio-drone generals. We thought we beat them, but they played us for fools. They were stretching me from the arms while Sakura was stretched out at the ankles and wrists.”

  “It wasn’t a pleasant feeling,” said Sakura.

  “Then some invisible assassin took down the lot of them,” said Tom. Setsuna put her hand on her chin in thought.

  “I had hoped he would come later,” she said.

  “Who?” asked Tom.

  “The assassin,” said Setsuna. “Rescuing you was far from his mind.”

  “Who’s the assassin?” asked Sakura.

  “His name is known to you,” said Setsuna, “Frieza Kold. The whole Kold family was resurrected so Lord Demon could gain allies. Frieza didn’t like the idea of being the crown prince of planet Frost under Lord Demon, so he took his ship and crew, along with his girlfriend that was resurrected with him, and set course for this version of Earth as he read up on the crystal spheres. He wants to gain ultimate power to destroy Lord Demon.”

  “But, you said Lord Demon’s immortal,” said Sakura.

  “I didn’t say that Frieza believed the whole immortality business,” said Setsuna.

  “I see,” said Tom. His eyebrows shot up. “Wait, girlfriend?”

  “Yes,” said Setsuna, “he has a girlfriend. Sailor Moon and the Inner Senshi have met her before. Her name is Queen Beryl.”

  “Her?” said Sakura. “Good heavens! When did they meet?”

  “While they were dead,” said Setsuna.

  “So, a match made in Hell?” asked Tom.

  “Drawn to each other like a moth to a flame,” said Setsuna.

  “Then, we’ve got to stop him!” said Tom. He prepared to jump out of the bed.

  “Lay back down,” said Setsuna. “You two have not been released yet.”

  “What?!?!” said Tom.

  “Dr. Mizuno has ordered that you two stay here for a period of three days,” said Setsuna. “I’m not one to let patients out ahead of schedule.” Dr. Mizuno entered the room.

  “Setsuna,” she said, “they’re staying here for an extra day on account of a concussion.”

  “Four days?!?! Come on!!” said Tom.

  “After that alien training nonsense,” said Dr. Mizuno, “I need to make sure you’re mentally stable. You’re staying here for four days.”

  “But, Doctor…!” said Tom.

  “Tom, just shut up,” said Sakura as she pinched the bridge of her nose. Dr. Mizuno and Setsuna were leaving.

  “Setsuna,” said Tom, “maybe you could convince the doctor to…”

  “No way,” said Setsuna, “Doctor’s orders. You stay put.” She shut the door.

  “Well, just peachy,” said Tom.

  “You’re the one who mentioned our training on Felidine,” said Sakura. Setsuna reentered the room. “Forgot something?” asked Sakura.

  “Forgot to give you this,” said Setsuna. She handed a folded piece of paper to Tom and exited the room again. Tom unfolded the paper and read it. The characters seemed to change into English letters and rearranged themselves into instructions.

  “When you are released,” read Tom, “go to Hikawa Shrine. The directions are below.” He then stroked his chin and passed it to Sakura. Sakura saw the same thing.

  “You know,” said Sakura, “that really is odd.”

  “What’s odd?” asked Yangtressa, startling the kids.

  “Right,” said Tom, “reincarnations of alien royalty, hear our thoughts, I knew that.”

  “Sorry for the spook,” said Yangtressa. “Now, what’s odd?”

  “The writing on the paper and our communicating clearly with the citizens of Japan and understanding the invaders,” said Sakura. “The characters on the paper reformed themselves into English sentences and we can understand what people are saying clearly in English.”

  “That would be the belts,” said Yindra. “They only have enough power to keep one last jump up unless they’re properly connected to a large vessel. They still have a backup power system to allow the wearer to understand and speak all languages, like the Time Lords’ TARDIS’.”

  “Awesome!” said Tom.

  “Now then,” said Yangtressa, “you two need some sleep.”

  “Tom and I are wide awake,” said Sakura, “once awake, we can’t…” The kids soon fell asleep.
Felidine Multiverse Ch 15
The newest chapter to the new crossover saga! Today is also significant as I am now going into the adult world!
  “Okay,” said Tom, “not gonna lie. That was not our brightest move.”

  “Maybe,” said Sakura, “but could we really sit there and let innocent people die?”

  “You make a valid point,” said Tom.

  “Guys,” said Yindra, “we’re flying too slowly!”

  “Come on,” said Tom, “even if those freaks could get up from the beating we gave them, they can’t catch us. We have a two mile lead on them. It’s not like they’ll bring more soldiers with them.”

  “Er, excuse me,” said Sailor Mercury.

  “Yes?” asked Sakura.

  “You guys are carrying a large load, right?” asked Sailor Mercury.

  “That’s right,” said Tom.

  “And objects in motion create a draft, right?” asked Sailor Mercury.

  “Right,” said Sakura.

  “So, logically, a large object would create a large draft, right?” asked Sailor Mercury.

  “Right,” said Tom, “where is this going?”

  “The bad guys are catching up to us,” said Sailor Mercury. Tom and Sakura looked behind and saw the Bio-drones catching up fast.

  “Well, Tom,” said Sakura, “look who’s wrong!”

  “There’s always room for error!” said Tom. The Bio-drone Sniper general shot Tom in the shoulder, knocking him out of the sky. Sakura felt the weight of her load increase as she strained to keep it in the sky. The Shock trooper general turned his fingers into claws and slashed Sakura’s right side. The sudden rush of pain made Sakura lose concentration on maintaining the ki net as it dissipated, dropping the civilians. The other Bio-drones caught every one of them and herded them into a crowd.

  “This is what happens when you cross Lord Demon for too long!” said the Sniper general. The Scout and Foot soldier generals grabbed each of Tom’s arms and started pulling them. The pain was excruciating as Tom screamed. The Shock trooper general grabbed Sakura’s wrist in one hand, her ankles in another and started stretching her out. The Sniper general chuckled. “That’s what rebels get,” said the general, “you human…”

  “PANSIES!” shouted a voice from the sky. A bunch of ki blasts destroyed the Bio-drones on the ground, and then some swift assassin killed off the Scout and Foot soldier generals. Tom started falling. The Shock trooper and Sniper generals looked around. The Shock trooper was then punched in the face. He let go of Sakura. She fell as well. The Sailor Senshi got everyone to gather around them and teleported everyone to a safe location.

  “Sniper general,” said the Shock trooper general, “get back to Lord Demon. Tell him that there’s an assassin on the planet. I’ll hold him off.”

  “The assassin will most likely kill you!” said the Sniper general. “You can’t fight him alone!”

  “Better one survivor tells Lord Demon what happened than no one survives and Lord Demon goes off halfcocked!” said the Shock trooper general. “Now go!” The Sniper general nodded and took off. “All right, wiseass,” said the Shock trooper general, “show yourself!”

  “If you say so,” said the unseen assassin. The general was kicked in the face and knocked out of the sky. Once he landed, the sound of magic being cancelled was heard. The assassin and the one who cast the cloaking spell stood side by side in front of the Shock trooper general.

  “Frieza?! Beryl?!” said the general.

  “That’s Lord Frieza and Queen Beryl to you,” said Frieza.

  “’Your Majesty’ works for me,” said Beryl.

  “You’ll be called corpses when I’m through with you!” said the general. “You two have some serious balls to be interfering with Lord Demon’s mission!”

  “You know, it’s the funniest thing,” said Frieza, “I happen to be looking for a set.”

  “Well, look at you, Frieza,” said the general, “all grown up and moving out in the world.”

  “Yes,” said Beryl, “he’s growing up, not out, unlike you.”

  “Very funny,” said the general, “but that won’t make any difference once Lord Demon gets his claws on you two. However, I’m not totally heartless.”

  “Yes, you seem to have a literal overabundance of hearts,” said Frieza.

  “You only say that because you have three hearts located at random places while I have five hearts in a perfect pentagon,” said the Shock trooper general.

  “True,” said Frieza.

  “I guess there is an advantage for more than one heart,” said Beryl.

  “Why do you say that?” asked Frieza.

  “Because humans have only one heart,” said Beryl.

  “Interesting,” said Frieza. He then turned to the Shock trooper general. “What were you going to say before we went off on that heart tangent?”

  “Ah, yes,” said the general, “I was going to make a deal with you. You hand over that scouter and maybe, just maybe, I won’t point Lord Demon in the right direction.”

  “You mean this thing?” asked Frieza as he pointed to his scouter.

  “That’s right,” said the general.

  “Well,” said Frieza, “I’d love to give it to you, but there’s a small problem with it.”

  “What problem would that be?” asked the general.

  “Well, you see,” said Frieza as he removed the scouter. He then crushed it in his hand.

  “It’s broken.” He let the remains fall to the ground.

  “You fool!” said the general. “Now you’re as blind as the rest of us!”

  “Maybe, or maybe not,” said Frieza.

  “I’m lost here,” said the general.

  “You don’t spend some time in Hell,” said Beryl, “without learning a trick or two.”

  “And what would that trick be?” asked the general.

  “Beryl and I can now sense energy,” said Frieza.

  “That’s gonna amount to nothing once Lord Demon gets his claws on you!” said the general.

  “Frieza, do Ice-jins have some illusion dispelling technique?” asked Beryl. “Because I’m seeing a dead man and it’s saying ‘Hit me, Frieza. Please kill me. God, this bio-armor makes me look fat.’”

  “I seem to be suffering the same illusion,” said Frieza. “Don’t worry; I know the technique to get rid of the aforementioned illusion.”

  “THAT’S IT!” said the Shock trooper general as his forearms turned into cannons. He started firing at the place Frieza and Beryl were. He was kicking up a lot of debris with each shot. “COCKY! LITTLE! FREAKS!” roared the general.

  “Who are you aiming at?” asked Frieza from behind. The Shock trooper general transformed his arms back into arms and swung at Frieza. “Upsy daisy!” said Frieza as he jumped behind the general, grabbed his wrists and started pulling his arms behind his back. “Now, Beryl,” said Frieza, “the next part of getting rid of the illusion is to talk to it. So, anything to say to it?”

  “I have a question for it,” said Beryl. She gave her attention to the Shock trooper general. “Any last words before Frieza rips your arms out of your sockets?”

  “Wait!” said the general. “I can tell you who the new Crown Prince of Planet Frost is!”

  “What, my brother, Cooler?” asked Frieza.

  “NO! YOUR BROTHER, COOL…what?” said the general.

  “Not laying off the social networking sites,” said Frieza, “it’s a Kold family curse.”

  “Please!” begged the Shock trooper general. “Don’t kill me, Frieza! I beg you! Don’t kill me!” He started sobbing.

  “Look at you, Shock trooper general,” said Beryl, “always so proud of yourself. Now look at yourself. You’re screaming like a helpless woman!”

  “Aren’t you a woman?” asked Frieza.

  “I said ‘helpless’ for a reason,” clarified Beryl.

  “Ah,” said Frieza. Meanwhile, the Sniper general informed Lord Demon about what happened.
  “So, you see,” said the general, “she’s most likely dead.”

  “Why do you call him ‘She’?” asked King Kold.

  “I will admit,” said Shiki, “I don’t understand either.”

  “I think it’s time everyone knew the truth about the whole Shock trooper caste,” said Lord Demon. Meanwhile, Frieza was about to hear the truth about the Shock trooper general.

  “I AM A WOMAN!” h…she said.

  “Wait, what?” asked Frieza.

  “I said I am a woman!” said the general. Frieza let go of hi…her arms.

  “WHAT?!?!” said Frieza and Beryl. Meanwhile, Lord Demon explained that the whole Shock trooper caste was female.

  “…What?” said Kiki.

  “Well,” said Lord Demon, “when I made the birthing cauldron, I stole an extra chromosome that spilled into the mix for the birthing goo.”

  “Oh…my…,” said King Kold.

  “I…must agree…with King Kold,” said Kiki.

  “Still,” said Lord Demon, “they’re still the most brutal caste.” He turned to the Sniper general. “Good work, general. The Shock trooper general will be missed.” Meanwhile, the Shock trooper general told Frieza and Beryl a story.

  “And that’s how my entire caste became the most beautiful of the Bio-drones,” she said.

  “I see,” said Frieza. “Also, hhuuuuUUUGGHHH!” He twisted up like a pretzel automatically.

  “So,” said the general, “now you know the truth.”

  “Yes,” said Beryl, “and now I’m going to start repressing it. The first step would be killing you.”

  “W…wait!” said the general. She turned to Frieza who disentangled himself. “Frieza, we could overthrow Lord Demon! Rule the multiverse as husband and wife!”

  “I’m afraid the lovely lady who wants to kill you and start our collective therapy,” said Frieza, “has stolen all three of my hearts.” He turned to Beryl. “My Lady, would you be so kind?”

  “Repressing in 5,” said Beryl as she charged up some magic. The general took to the air in fear. “4, 3, 2, 1!” continued Beryl as she fired a magic bolt that vaporized the general. “Aaaaannnd repressed,” said Beryl.

  “Well, time to hunt some spheres,” said Frieza.

  “Try not to be too long,” said Beryl, “I love you.”

  “Love you too,” said Frieza. They kissed and Frieza took off.
Felidine Multiverse Ch 14
:iconfrieza1stformplz::iconsaysplz: Hold on, did we just say that we loved each other?
:iconoptimusthemobian::iconsaysplz: Yep. You could say it's a...
:iconfrieza1stformplz::iconsaysplz: No you f**king don't!
:iconoptimusthemobian::iconsaysplz: Match made in Hell!……
Hey guys!

A fellow artist on Deviantart has made a graphic novel that he's selling.

Here's a trailer that was made.
I think it has a good premise.
It can be bought on Amazon. Here's the link for it.…

The artist is Greendalek on Deviantart. :icongreendalek:
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