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  Back on Mobius, Alexis Silverwing was at Autobot HQ. She was pinching the bridge of her nose after Optimus had introduced her to Prowl. “Okay,” she said, “you wanna walk me through the thought process here?”

  “It wasn’t my decision,” said Optimus. “The Council decided to send him here. At least we can prepare for a Decepticon threat.”

  “It’s that coming threat that concerns me!” said Alexis. “Prime, when N.E.S.T. was formed, you assured me that we could handle any threat. Old enemies of the Autobots coming from Cybertronian prison is a little out of our league!”

  “Don’t worry,” said Optimus, “we got this.”

  “Forgive me if I’m skeptic,” said Alexis.

  “You saying that we can’t handle a few measly Cons?” asked Ironhide. He then tore a hanging piece of machinery off the ceiling. “Autobots know when to use force and how much force to use.” He crushed the machine, which prompted Ratchet to say “Ironhide, I needed that!”

  “Enough,” said Optimus. “Ma’am, we will end this threat once it arrives.”

  “Says you,” said Alexis. “I have to report back to Commander Tower. Your ship leaves cause for concern.”

  “Understandable,” said Optimus. Alexis then left for her car and drove off.

  “In all probability,” said Prowl, “it could have gone worse.”

  “Could have gone worse?!” said Bumblebee. “Prowl, coming here just jeopardized our mission here! If we weren’t hounded by both Shockwave and Eggman…!”

  “Bumblebee, that’s enough,” said Optimus. “Besides, I think Prowl can help us. The more bots we have here, the more likely we’ll find Shockwave and bring her to justice.”

  “Ironhide told me about your first battle with her,” said Prowl. “Did you actually bring her to a standstill?”

  “Er, well no,” said Optimus.

  “Optimus, Shockwave is a powerful Decepticon,” said Shockwave. “She will not go down easily. Nothing seems to stop her as she’s always one step ahead of her opponents.”

  “Wow, way to kill the optimism,” said Cliffjumper.

  “I’m being realistic,” said Prowl. “I’ve seen her power first hand when I was in the Praxian internment camp run by her. Whatever Autobots went out of line served as either raw materials or guinea pigs.”

  “Well, she doesn’t have a spaceship,” said Optimus. “We’ll just beat her with it and throw her in its brig until we get to Cybertron. Oh, that reminds me, I still need to name the thing.” Optimus thought over it. “Eh, I’ll let you guys and G.U.N. figure it out amongst yourselves.”

  “I’ve already taken control as ship-board A.I.,” said Teletraan. “And I have finally found her!”

  “You did?!” said Optimus. “Where is she?!”

  “She’s moving towards a relic that was uncovered by Eggman’s forces,” said Teletraan. “She’s an hour behind, so we have enough time to get rid of Eggman’s robots. On top of that, Prowl should be able to find a new vehicle mode.”

  “Already have one,” said Prowl, “just need to integrate it with my t-cog.”

  “Try it out now,” said Optimus.

  “PROWL, TRANSFORM!” said Prowl. His arms went under the chest unit as the hover generators moved to the side. His lower torso twisted and folded to become the rear of the car and the door wings shut onto the sides of the car. Prowl’s holo-form was a Mobian German Shepard in police gear.

  “That does look promising,” said Optimus. “You chose a good form, Prowl.”

  “He’s not going alone, is he?” asked Ironhide.

  “No,” said Optimus. “Ironhide, you’re with us as well.”

  “What about us?” asked Jazz.

  “You might need a medic,” said Ratchet.

  “Unless Egghead has any of his Transformers,” said Optimus, “I don’t want to leave the base totally unguarded.”

  “He doesn’t,” said Teletraan, “so you, Prowl, and Ironhide should be enough.”

  “Then let’s roll out!” said Optimus. He and Ironhide transformed and all three Autobots sped into the Ground Bridge. They arrived at the coordinates and caught the attention of Eggman’s forces. The Autobots quickly transformed and cut through the robots. It took all of three minutes.

  “Sheesh,” said Ironhide, “they used to be tougher than this!”

  “I’m guessing you’ve had very little in the way of problems with Eggman,” said Prowl.

  “Dude, the last robot he threw at us turned into a giant egg beater,” said Optimus. “Bumblebee had to throw a rock into the mechanisms that turned the beaters to destroy it.”

  “That’s…rather sad,” said Prowl.

  “I know, right?” said Optimus. “In any case, let’s see what we’ve got here.” Optimus put his hand on the top and noticed a jiggle. “Aw, man!” he said. “I’ll never show off my skills to Prowl now!”

  “What skills?” asked Prowl.

  “His coding skills,” explained Ironhide.

  “He can code?” asked Prowl.

  “I was a data clerk before I became Prime,” said Optimus. “In fact, I was the best.”

  “On the one servo,” said Prowl, “it would be nice to see your skills in action. On the other, we don’t need to waste energy and precious time opening the thing.”

  “Fair enough,” said Optimus. He then took the lid off. “All right,” he said as he peered inside, “let’s see what’s…SCRAP!” He slammed the lid back on and pointed his gun at the relic.

  “Problem?” asked Ironhide.

  “It’s a cache of Energon,” said Optimus.

  “That’s a good thing, right?” asked Prowl.

  “Not this stuff,” said Optimus. “Ironhide, call HQ and tell them we have a Tox-En problem. Ask Ratchet if we have a containment unit for the stuff.” The two mechs’ optics went wide.

  “Ratchet, we have a cache of Tox-En here,” said Ironhide over the radio. “Is there a containment unit for it?”

  “I’m afraid not,” said Ratchet. “Even if we did have one, it would still depend on the mass and density of the crystal.”

  “Slag!” said Ironhide.

  “Then let’s leave it here,” said Optimus. “If we don’t want it, then neither will Shockwave.”

  “Optimus, who do you think made the stuff?” asked Prowl.

  “Remember when I told you about how the 1st iteration of Wreckers was wiped out by a disease?” asked Ironhide. “That’s the very source of the disease. No way am I going to let Shockwave have it!”

  “Then we have to destroy it,” said Optimus. “But how? From what I’ve heard, Tox-En must be destroyed completely and blasting it won’t cut it. And from what I’ve also heard, dizziness and nausea occur on contact and prolonged exposure weakens a bot to the point of paralysis and then snuffs the spark.”

  “There’s a volcano 20 kliks from your position,” said Teletraan. “Throw it in there, container and all.”

  “Are you sure it’ll melt in the lava?” asked Optimus.

  “Positive,” said Teletraan.

  “Then let’s get rid of this thing,” said Optimus.

  “Bots,” said Ironhide, “Shockwave inbound!” Shockwave was rapidly approaching the three Autobots in vehicle mode with Metal Sonic on top.

  “All right bots,” said Metal Sonic, “hand over the relic, and no one gets hurt.”

  “You want it?” said Ironhide. He then transformed and opened his back door. Optimus put the relic container inside. “Come and get it!” continued Ironhide. All Autobots zoomed off and went opposite the volcano. Metal Sonic took to the air and Shockwave pursued on the ground.

  “You know,” said Metal Sonic, “this can go a lot easier if you let us have the…toxin.”

  “It’s Tox-En,” said Shockwave, “short for Toxic Energon. And Metal Sonic is right, I fail to see the logic in pursuit. Give us the Tox-En and we’ll let you go.”

  “So you can use it on us?” asked Optimus. “No thank you!”

  “We won’t, we promise!” said Metal Sonic.

  “Liar!” said Prowl.

  “I thought my visual apparatus was malfunctioning,” said Shockwave. “I could have sworn you died, Prowl.”

  “Well, you’re clearly wrong!” said Prowl.

  “Soon to be corrected,” said Shockwave.

  “If I don’t put you behind bars first!” said Prowl as he turned around and charged at Shockwave.

  “Prowl! Stay in formation!” ordered Optimus. “We don’t have time for grudges!” Prowl didn’t listen. Shockwave was about to fire, but Prowl transformed and jumped onto her top. He then pulled her gun up to the sky and directed the shot to Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic saw the oncoming laser blast and dodged.

  “Hey! Watch where you’re shooting!” he shouted. Shockwave didn’t dignify that with a response and started twirling her gun barrel to throw Prowl off. Prowl jumped off in the nick of time and Shockwave transformed. The duel began, but it was an even duel. Like Shockwave, Prowl is a logically minded bot. Pit him against another logically minded bot, and you have a stalemate. For every punch Shockwave pulled, Prowl was fast enough to counter it, even when she used Five Servos of Doom. For every kick Prowl made, Shockwave had already calculated how to block it in five different ways. If it weren’t for the fact that they both needed to recharge, they would have dueled like this forever. Optimus and Ironhide, however, still needed to get Metal Sonic off their skidplates before they could help Prowl.

  “Ironhide, what do you suggest?” asked Optimus.

  “We need aerial support,” said Ironhide. “I can’t get up there because it would put the Tox-En too close to Metal Sonic’s claws.”

  “You can’t, but I can,” said Optimus. “I’ll keep Metal Sonic busy. Get to the volcano and dispose of the relic.”

  “Yes sir!” said Ironhide. Optimus switched to flight mode and took to the air. Metal Sonic tried to dive down, but Optimus got in the way. He kept pushing and nudging Metal Sonic upwards.

  “A pity you can’t even catch me, much less Ironhide,” Optimus taunted. “What’s even more pitiful is that you can’t do this!” Optimus then dismissed his holo-form and converted to robot mode in mid-air. The vehicle mode hover generators were now flight jets.

  “A pity that you didn’t upgrade yourself after our last encounter!” said Metal Sonic. He stuck his right arm out and used some invisible force to grab Optimus by the leg. All of a sudden, Optimus felt himself being slammed into the ground. “Ah, it’s amazing what one can find,” said Metal Sonic, “such as the Polarity Gauntlet! Shockwave examined it and upgraded my hands to have magnetic fields be generated so I can push objects away or lift them as if I had the strength of titans!” To prove the latter, Metal Sonic grabbed Optimus by the shoulder and flew straight up. “Tell me, Defectimus Prime, how did you manage to believe that defending these meat sacks would amount to anything?!”

  “I don’t know,” said Optimus, “how did you manage to fix the icing problem with the resources of this planet?”

  “Icing problem?” asked Metal Sonic. It was then that he realized he went too high and ice had formed all over him, interfering with the proper functioning of his new Polarity Hands. They shut off and he briefly drifted from Optimus.

  “Might want to look into it,” said Optimus as he grabbed Metal Sonic and tossed him towards Terra Firma. As Metal Sonic fell, Optimus paused in the air for a few seconds until gravity remembered how to work on objects. As Optimus fell, he tried to engage his flight jets. “Flight mode, activate! Jets, online! Flying things, turn on!” Nothing was working. “Come on! Come on! Come on! Prime jets, on!” That was the phrase and the flight jets were on! “Yes!” said Optimus as he flew to where Metal Sonic was falling, caught him, and threw him straight at Shockwave. She didn’t see the oncoming object and was soon given a hit straight to the processor.

  “Optimus, what are you doing?!” said Prowl.

  “Screwing things over for Shockwave!” said Optimus. He then punched Shockwave in the chest and got Prowl to transform and follow him.

  “What’s your plan of attack?” asked Prowl.

  “Er…” said Optimus.

  “YOU DON’T HAVE A PLAN?!” said Prowl.

  “I’m making this up as I…,” Optimus trailed off as he saw a building with some explosive rockets near a G.U.N. base, “…go. Prowl, go get a mobile missile launcher platform from the base over there. I have an idea. No leaving the mission behind to satisfy a grudge, understand?”

  “Yes sir!” said Prowl as he moved toward the base. Optimus, in the meantime, kept up the attack as best he could what with Shockwave having the Polarity gauntlet on her person. Shockwave kept picking rocks out of the ground with said gauntlet by using the more ferrous minerals as a means to do so. Metal Sonic wasn’t making things any easier. He had put concealed blasters into the back of his hands and had started using them. Optimus danced around the blasts, but it was putting a drain on his internal Energon reserves.

  “Come on, Ironhide!” said Optimus aloud. “Where are you?!”

  “Right here, Prime!” said Ironhide’s voice.

  “Wait, you’re back?!” said Metal Sonic. “Then where’s…?

  “The Autobots have successfully distracted us from obtaining the Tox-En,” said Shockwave. “We failed. As compensation, I shall liberate you from your existence, Autobots.” She then pulled out a small device from her subspace pocket. She flicked it into the air like a coin and then shot an energy blast from her right palm. “CYBER KEY POWER!” she said. She then activated her gun arm as the device inserted itself into her weapon’s power pack and turned like a key. Her gun barrel casing then split into two panels and let the inner barrel extend.

  “What the?!” said Optimus. “A Scrapmaker Rifle?!”

  “Where’d that come from?!” said Ironhide. Shockwave then fired on the two.

  “Prowl, where are you?!” said Optimus over the comms.

  “We have her in our sights,” said Prowl over the comms. “I see she’s using her Cyber Key.”

  “Cyber Key?” said Ironhide. “That’s just a myth!”

  “You saw her invoke it with your own optics, why call it a myth?” asked Prowl. “In any case, I have the missile launcher unit. We’re ready to fire at your command.”

  “Do it!” said Optimus. Prowl nodded to the commander of the unit and the missiles were launched directly at Shockwave. The explosion of missiles hitting their target was deafening. All they could see was the light from the aftermath. “Did we get her?!” asked Optimus excitedly.

  “Prime,” said Prowl, “Teletraan is still sending us her spark signature. Why do you even ask?”

  “I’m an optimist,” said Optimus.

  “You’re an idiot!” said Ironhide.

  “Both of you are wrong,” said Shockwave as the dust cleared, “you’re dead.” A red aura had surrounded Shockwave to protect her from the missile fire. She then jumped to where Prowl was and tossed him into the others. She then proceeded to fire on them and damage them.

  “Optimus, we have to get out of here!” coughed Ironhide.

  “And let Shockwave terrorize G.U.N?” asked Optimus. “Not fragging likely!”

  “Optimus, I’ve run through all possible scenarios in my battle computer,” said Prowl. “We’ve destroyed the Tox-En. Let’s get out of here!”

  “Not gonna happen,” snarled Optimus. “Until Shockwave is brought down, I’m not backing down!”

  “One glaring flaw in your logic,” said Shockwave, “you’re outmatched.”

  “Warning,” said Optimus’ internal computer. “Power reserves, ninety-six percent depleted. Stasis lock, commencing.”

  “Override!” said Optimus.

  “Repeat, power loss critical,” droned his internal computer. “Further expenditures will result in loss of Spark. Stasis lock must commence.”

  “OVERRIDE!” shouted Optimus.

  “Acknowledged,” said the computer.

  “Many an Autobot have disregarded the warnings of their internal computers,” said Shockwave. “All have fallen by my hand as they believe the universe has given them ‘Burning Justice’ to get through the fight.”

  “We’ll see what can get me through this fight!” snarled Optimus as he got into a defensive stance. Inside Shockwave’s head, she had projected a 3-D holographic image of the finishing blows.

  “First, fire at target’s torso slightly to the left. Target will twist and turn 360° to attempt wild right hook. Initiate Five Servos of Doom to first block with left arm, then jab at wrist, elbow, and shoulder joints in that order, then left uppercut to face. Target will be at critical power loss and land flat on its back. Fire at Spark Chamber. Primary Results: Autobots are thrown into chaos without their Prime, forces will haphazardly retreat, and will one day leave their base open to attack on account of morale being destroyed. Secondary results: Experiments on the Matrix are opened. Initiate plan.” Shockwave quickly fired on Optimus who twisted out of the way and moved to throw a wild right hook, which Shockwave blocked. A nano-second after that, she jabbed at his arm joints and finished with a left handed uppercut to his face, knocking him flat on his back. At that point, Shockwave planted a foot on his chest.

  “Final Warning: Power failing,” droned Optimus’ computer, “Jeopardy extreme. Repeat: Extreme.”

  “You are at a disadvantage,” said Shockwave. “I have a means to increase my power. I have years of combat and scientific experience ‘under my belt’, as the humans would put it. You are exhausted. Damaged beyond recovery. Defeated. What can you possibly do?” Optimus looked around hopelessly, then saw an object glint. His optics zoomed in and saw the object. He grinned.

  “What can I do?” he asked. “Something you’ve never truly done, improvise!” Optimus then bit down on her foot. Shockwave howled in pain and started hopping around, clutching her foot. As the Auto-imp laughed, she then kicked him in the mouth. It was so hard, he landed nearer to the object. “So worth losing a few dental plates!” he said. The object then beamed information into his head. He got up again after the data transfer was complete. “Hey! Shockwave! Just tell me if I’m doing it wrong!” Shockwave’s eye flickered for a moment, her indication of blinking. He then flicked the object into the air and gathered energy into his right palm. “CYBER KEY POWER!” he shouted. His gun then floated into the air in front of him as he deployed his axe. Once the key inserted itself into the back of the gun and twisted, the gun’s handle moved to the back as a handle on top sprouted and the barrel split and extended. The axe handles combined as it inserted itself into the barrel.

  “Sweet! Spark Drinker Axe!” said Optimus.

  “Power levels now at acceptable margins,” said his internal computer. “Stasis lock warning cancelled.”

  “Now, Shockwave,” said Optimus, “I hope you don’t think I’m being a tad excessive!”

  “Cyber Key power now depleted,” said Shockwave’s computer.

  “No!” said Shockwave as her gun arm returned to its normal configuration and the aura disappeared.

  “That’s fine!” said Optimus as if she just answered his question. “After all, as a Prime, I must be fair!” He then raised his axe. “This is gonna hurt me a lot more than it does you!”

  “I sincerely doubt that!” said Shockwave. “Sigma, divert all available power to primary weapon!”

  “Compliance,” said Sigma. As available weapons power built up, Optimus charged at Shockwave at top speed. She fired. A single bolt or red light flew towards Optimus with the intent to do damage, but it failed. It bounced off of Optimus and he struck Shockwave. She fell and landed hard. The impact caused a significant power drain that she went into stasis lock. Metal Sonic saw this and used his Polarity hands to lift Shockwave and then summoned a Ground Bridge back to base. Once they went through, the portal closed.

  “Whooo!” said Optimus wearily as he waved his axe above him. The energy then faded and his new Cyber Key turned into its old position to let the axe turn back into his gun and combiner axe. Optimus then fell flat on his back and allowed himself to go into stasis lock.
Transformer: Mobian Chronicles CH 19
And after a long time, my Sonic and Transformers crossover is updated. If you want to vote on a name, please check out the link down below. Thank you.…
Standoff by Optimusthemobian
:iconblitzwinghotheadplz::iconsaysplz: ENOUGH! This battle ends now, or I shall write its conclusion!
:iconmoviemegatronplz::iconsaysplz: You will never be welcome in the ranks of the Decepticons again!
:iconblitzwingplz::iconsaysplz: Sometimes it's better to be known for one's enemies.
:iconmoviemegatronplz::iconsaysplz: You will suffer for this, Blitzwing! You will suffer unimaginably!

The reasons I didn't use Rodimus and Galvatron are that I don't have them and I don't like them. I had to show off my newest acquisition somehow, so recreating a scene from G1 with one of the Optimus' and Megatrons I have seemed like a way to go.
  Cybertron can be a cold world for organic life, but to mechanical life, it is very much home. Such a mechanical being was flying towards the new Decepticon Tribunal building. After the war, three members of Megatron’s inner circle had formed a new ruling council of three. The flying bot, Starscream, was the head of the Tribunal. She was flying to the building in vehicle mode, an F-35C Lightning II. Her holo-form was a Chinese woman in a blue mini-skirt, a red jacket, a pixie cut hair style, had red eyes and lipstick, and currently wore a worried look on her face. She soon entered Tribunal Airspace. “STARSCREAM, TRANSFORM!” she said. The underside of the jet split in half and each half rotated 180° to sprout lower legs and feet. The wings folded away from the sides of the jet and twisted 180° to point upwards while the sides of the aircraft extended away from the nosecone and fuselage. The new arms sprouted hands while the nosecone and fuselage folded into the chest of the robot to allow the head to pop up. Starscream landed with the grace of 20 ballerinas outside the Tribunal building. She revealed her arm mounted Null Rays, then headed to the security desk to check her weapons. Cybertron has an open carry policy, all weapons have to be shown and all Cybertronians are limited to two firearms and one melee weapon. She stopped by the desk and went through the weapons check.

  “Ar-tek Null Rays with Trillan Integration Systems,” said the Security lady, Skyfire. “Safe, as long as the cartridges display a security clearance code.” Starscream took the cartridges out of both guns and showed them to Skyfire. “Very good, you pass.” Starscream was about to take out her sword, but Skyfire stopped her. “Ma’am, I don’t need to check Melee weapons. I carry one of those swords myself and they won’t hurt the Tribunal Building at all. On top of that, you’d have to be missing some neural clusters to attack a gun wielder with a sword.”

  “Fair enough,” said Starscream. Then a blue van, a 2016 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, drove up. It had an African woman in the driver’s seat in a ladies’ business suit.

  “SOUNDWAVE, TRANSFORM!” said the woman. The front of the van split down the middle and extended on legs while the rear wheel wells split away on arms and the front windshield became the torso unit. The roof and sides of the car became her back. Her head popped out of the torso. She then went to the Security desk and gave Skyfire her side arm and displayed her shoulder mounted mini-gun.

  “The side arm, I’ve seen before from another bot,” said Skyfire, “I just don’t know about the range on that thing.”

  “Maximum range is 20 meters, by human measurements,” said Soundwave.

  “Very good, you pass,” said Skyfire. The last robot in disguise to arrive turned into a 2011 Mazda RX-8.

  “Last bot as usual, huh Shockwave?” asked Starscream.

  “Spare me,” said Shockwave as his holo-form poked its head out. His was an Indian man in traditional Scientist gear, wearing an eye-patch over his left eye. “SHOCKWAVE, TRANSFORM!” The rear of the car split down the middle and extended while twisting on the waist 180° and swinging down. Arms swung down from underneath the front, making the wheels and wheel wells shoulders while the roof of the car swung down to the back making the doors into wings. The final bit was the head with only one single yellow eye to see. Shockwave swapped his right hand for a gun attachment with a power cord attaching itself from the back. Skyfire’s optics went wide.

  “Jetfire, could you come here, please?” she said over her comms unit. A few seconds later, a robot of a similar, yet bulkier build than Skyfire came in. “Jetfire,” said Skyfire as she pointed to Shockwave’s gun, “have you seen anything like this?”

  “No,” said Jetfire, “does it use Quasar Discharge pellets?”

  “Yes,” said Shockwave.

  “Sir,” said Skyfire, “would you mind checking your gun with us for the duration of...?”

  “You forgot these,” interrupted Starscream as she pulled a box from her subspace pocket, “Alternator class Micro-charge Overshock pellets. See the trouble that museum piece causes you?” They replaced the old ammo with the new.

  “Thank you so much,” said Skyfire. “All members are cleared.” After all that, the three Transformers headed into the main chambers and clocked in.

  “Decepticon Tribunal now in session,” said Starscream. “Soundwave and Shockwave, I’m surprised that you two of all bots asked to convene today.”

  “Because the ship that entered Cybertron’s atmosphere has let its purpose slip,” said Soundwave. “It is the main transport for the robbers of Traitor’s Tomb in Kaon. The corpse they stole was Megatron.”

  “Megatron?!” said Starscream. “I thought we heard the last of that tyrant!”

  “The ship and his body disappeared last solar cycle,” said Shockwave. “Autobot probes never found them.”

  “Yes, but remember,” said Soundwave, “because of Decepticon Dominance in the guard, we will pay the price in diplomatic repercussions.”

  “Well, maybe the Communications Guild will,” said Shockwave.

  “The Science Guild is involved in this as well!” snarled Soundwave.

  “Soundwave, Shockwave, at ease,” said Starscream, bringing order to the Tribunal. “Now is not the time for petty infighting. Remember, ever since we surrendered, the Decepticons, as a whole, have worked closely with the Autobots towards the day where we might abandon these symbols and unite Cybertron under one banner. If Optimus is to successfully discover the nature of the energy signature she found, we must help her by retrieving Megatron’s body.”

  “Megatron was brilliant,” said Shockwave, “but a rogue. Even in death, he causes too much trouble.”

  “I have a theory,” said Soundwave. “Shockwave, Megatron had a Battilizer Core, correct?”

  “Yes,” confirmed Shockwave.

  “And you discovered that latent Spark energy exists in there, right so far?” said Soundwave.

  “Correct,” said Shockwave, “and I see your theory.”

  “So do I, and that terrifies me,” said Starscream.

  “If that energy signature is capable of doing so,” said Soundwave, “Megatron will be up to his old tricks again.”

  “If that’s the case,” said Starscream, “we need to handle the situation before there’s a public panic. To start, we need to keep the Megatron loyalists on Chaar in the dark.”

  “Already took steps in that regard,” said Soundwave. “I’ve sent a signal to a relay satellite orbiting Chaar. It will ‘accidentally’ explode, blocking the news of the grave robbing, so they would be useless to Megatron if his spark reignites.”

  “And I have arranged for a former Decepticon to join Optimus’ team, the one that calls himself Drift,” said Shockwave.

  “I’ve heard of him,” said Starscream.

  “He has been given our four remaining Battilizer Cores,” explained Shockwave. “He will give them to Optimus and her teammates, bar one for himself.”

  “If Megatron comes online, what are Drift’s instructions?” asked Starscream.

  “For that, I left it to Soundwave,” said Shockwave.

  “Drift is to continue fighting alongside the Autobots while we go to Earth and play the loyalists to Megatron,” said Soundwave. “Of course, we subtly undermine him.”

  “And once Megatron makes that fatal error?” asked Starscream.

  “I have secured a warrant from Alpha Trion himself for us to terminate Megatron with extreme prejudice,” said Soundwave.

  “Then we best pray he doesn’t come back,” said Starscream. “Any other business?”

  “Other than the blips of Optimus’ field reports, no,” said Soundwave.

  “Those reports have been beaming to my desk,” said Starscream. “If there is nothing else, the Decepticon Tribunal is adjourned. What say we go to Maccadam’s?”

  “Lead the way,” said Shockwave.

  “Vote’s unanimous,” said Soundwave.
  The sewer pipe ended in an open area near a bunker in a valley. Alex popped through it and turned back into his new humanoid form. “What was that?!” he said in a disgusted voice.

  “That, Alexey-poo,” said the girl as she popped up behind him, “is what the new dominant species of this planet do. So, that just leaves one question, are they kids or squids?”

  “I feel slimy,” said Alex. He then shook his head. “Wait a minute, who are you?!”

  “Oh, you met me before,” said the girl as she gave another impish grin. “Maybe this will jog your memory.” She then went on top of a rock and struck a pose. “Let’s speed and succeed!” Alex blinked until something clicked in his head.

  “Wait a minute,” he said.

  “We have a bridge, let’s cross it?” suggested the girl. “Roll to the rescue? Do I really need to use my wartime rallying cry?” Alex nodded. The girl sighed. “Transform and roll out,” she said.

  “…No! No, it can’t be!” said Alex with a grin.

  “You remember!” said the girl.

  “Optimus Prime!” said Alex. “Dude, what are you doing back on Earth?!”

  “After we beat the Decepticons,” said the girl, Optimus, “we took Megatron to Cybertron to stand trial for his crimes against the Transformers. He was found guilty and executed. I opted to keep him alive, but I can’t argue with a judge. After a while, Cybertron Command found a strange energy signature here, so I picked out some bots to help me out. We were discovered by the Inkling government and asked to stay in these parts of Earth until the public was ready to accept us.”

  “Inkling government?” asked Alex.

  “That’s what we are!” said Optimus. “Some disaster wiped out the humans and…oh…oops.”

  “Wiped out the humans?” said Alex. “There’s no more humans on Earth?”

  “Sorry,” said Optimus. “Apparently, rising sea levels had destroyed the human race and their civilization. There was no ark to save them. You’re the last human in a world of evolved, air breathing squids.” Alex looked at his hands.

  “I can’t even call myself a human,” he said. “My stasis pod made me one of them.”

  “Alex, I’m so sorry about this,” said Optimus. Alex almost didn’t process what she said. Everything he knew, from the crap at McDonald’s to the tasty goodness of Papa John’s, from the morons who never gave any respect to the armed forces to his loving family, from the high school bully to his girlfriend, Cindy, Cindy, the woman he was planning to propose to once the humans helped their extraterrestrial allies, the Autobots, destroy the Decepticons and their evil leader Megatron, she was dead. God had flooded the Earth and no one survived. New life was walking on the planet and it came from the squids he had only seen in zoos. “Alex, are you okay?” asked Optimus.

  “No,” said Alex as he started forgetting his Marine past. “No, I’m not.” He looked like he was going to cry. Optimus wrapped him in a hug. They just sat there for a few minutes. After he felt a little better, Alex broke off the embrace. “All right, I’m good,” he said. “How are the rest of the Autobots?”

  “Actually,” said Optimus, “like I said earlier, I have three others with me! Come on, let’s see them!” She seized Alex by the hand and practically flew to her group.

  “HEY! SLOW DOWN!” said Alex. She stopped at a group of Inklings, two males, one female. One of the males had black skin, blue eyes obscured by a blue visor, a tuxedo, and black tentacles hanging down. The other male had greyish-white tentacles tied back, red eyes, and dressed like a Samurai. The female had yellow tentacles done up in a bun, blue eyes, a yellow-black striped hoodie, and khaki pants with Crazy Arrows sneakers. It was then that Alex realized Optimus’ sneakers were golden. They were called Gold Hi-Horses.

  “Hey, it’s Prime!” said the black Inkling.

  “Who’s she got with her?” asked the yellow Inkling.

  “An ally?” asked the samurai Inkling with a Japanese accent.

  “Hey, Bots!” said Optimus. “I managed to find someone you might recognize!” The Inklings studied Alex for a bit until recognition set in.

  “Alex?!” said the black Inkling.

  “And you’re Jazz, right?” said Alex. “And the girl there is Bumblebee?”

  “That’s us!” said Bumblebee as she gave Alex a bear hug. Alex wasn’t sure, but he could have sworn that he was a little squishier than normal. It didn’t mean he didn’t feel pain from the hug.

  “Bee…let go...please!” he gasped. Bumblebee let him go. “Still a bear hugger, huh?”

  “Hugs for everyone!” said Bumblebee.

  “Alex! Dude!” said Jazz. “We thought you…well…”

  “Optimus told me about what happened to the human race,” said Alex. “It’s good to see that you guys are still around.” Alex then pointed his gun on the Samurai Inkling. “So, what’s Deadlock doing here?!”

  “Please, do pull that trigger!” said the inkling as he drew twin katanas. “You’ll be dead in an instant!”

  “Drift! Alex! Stand down, both of you!” said Optimus. Both Marine and Samurai looked at Optimus. “Deadlock is trying to mend his ways,” explained Optimus. “He’s called Drift now.”

  “And you believe him?!” said Alex, not lowering his pistol. “You know that Decepticons will lie to get what they want! Maybe it’s that Matrix thing you have!”

  “Plenty of opportunities have presented themselves for him to steal the Matrix,” said Optimus, “but he didn’t. Now will you two put your weapons away?” It took a few seconds, but Alex and Drift complied.

  “I got my eye on you, Decepti-creep,” said Alex.

  “Understandable,” said Drift.

  “Now then,” said Optimus, “I believe our contacts should be coming here soon.”

  “Ask and ye shall receive!” said a voice. Two female Inklings appeared behind the Autobots and Alex. One of them had black tentacles, a pink beanie with a star on it, and a pair of sunglasses while the other one had white tentacles tied back, a mouth mask, and a baseball hat. Both of them wore what looked like police gear and a set of triangular headphones.

  “Agent 1 here!” said the first Inkling.

  “And I’m Agent 2,” said the second Inkling in a more sober-sided manner.

  “We’re all here!” said Agent 1.

  “Where’s the Captain?” asked Optimus. “I thought he was with you.”

  “THE OCTARIANS ARE COMING!” said a voice, startling everyone there. Everyone turned to see an old male inkling with a tentacle beard, off white, red orange tentacles tied back, a Captain’s hat, tattered clothes with medals pinned on them, and an old weapon used as a cane

  “Who the hell are you?!” said Alex.

  “I’m sorry,” said the old Inkling. “I lost my cool for a moment there. I’m Cap’n Cuttlefish, leader of the legendary Squidbeak Splatoon! That look in your eyes, I’ve been waiting for young’uns like you!”

  “Why us?” asked Optimus.

  “The Great Zapfish that powers Inkopolis has vanished! And though nobody will believe me, it’s the work of Octarians!”

  “What on Earth are Octarians?” asked Alex.

  “Octopuses…Octopi…eight-legged sea invertebrates that have a vaguely humanoid form, like the Inklings,” explained Optimus.

  “Is there any sea life that didn’t evolve to be humanoid land breathers?” asked Alex.

  “I think fish are still animals,” said Drift.

  “Well, the Octarians are after revenge for their defeat in the war 100 years ago,” said Cap’n Cuttlefish.

  “War?” said Alex. “You Inklings went to war?”

  “It was over turf,” explained Agent 2. “Rising sea levels had forced us to fight over the remaining land and so began the Great Turf War. Grandpa’s cane is actually a weapon.”

  “A Bamboozler, to be precise!” said Cap’n Cuttlefish as he waved his cane around. “We almost lost the war because we couldn’t get up early enough, but due to a plug being carelessly pulled from its socket, Lady Luck shone on us and the tide turned and victory was ours! The Octarians retreated to this spot, Octo Valley, and I was keeping a watchful eye on them myself, of course, but they stole the Great Zapfish from right under my nose! Please! You must help me recover the Great Zapfish!”

  “Well, Inkopolis will lose power if we don’t get it,” said Agent 2.

  “When do we leave?” asked Alex.

  “Hold on, I didn’t invite you,” said Agent 2.

  “Agent 2,” said Alex, “the Earth I knew vanished in a split second to me. In the interests of trying to fit in with the new culture, I’m coming with you.”

  “That’s nice, Mr.…er…whatever,” said Agent 2, “But I’m a little suspicious of new people that want to interfere in military business.

  “I’m Alex Richardson, First Sergeant of the now late United States Marine Corps,” said Alex. “The Military is my life, so ask yourself, would having another soldier be so bad?” Agent 2 opened her mouth to say something, then ran that question through her head.

  “I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad,” she said. She turned to Cap’n Cuttlefish. “Grandpa, why would taking…?”

  “Whoa, whoa, WHOA!” said Jazz. “Who said anything about just Alex helping out? I wanna come along!”

  “Wait a sec…,” said Agent 2.

  “There are plenty of Inklings and we don’t want them hurt in any way,” said Drift.

  “Well, nobody does,” said Agent 2, “but…”

  “And there’s some serious hoodoo going on,” said Optimus. “In that case, you’ll need someone who’s weapons capable.”

  “I’ve used weapons before!” said Agent 2.

  “And I’m pumped up to help Inkopolis!” said Agent 1.

  “Guys!” said Agent 2. “I appreciate that you want to help, but we don’t know why the Octarians want the Great Zapfish. This could all be for nothing.”

  “Yeah, but last time we were in a fight, it wasn’t anything like a turf war, with respawn points,” said Bumblebee. “I’d like a fight where we have a greater chance of survival.”

  “That was more than a fight, that was a war!” said Alex.

  “You’ve been in a war?” asked Cap’n Cuttlefish.

  “All right,” said Optimus, “I think it’s time to explain something to you guys. Autobots, to your vehicle modes.” The four Inklings walked towards a group of vehicles. They were a red and blue semi-truck, a white sports car, a grey luxury car, and a yellow compact car. “Autobots, just like in Anime,” said Optimus. Drift rolled his eyes as he stood near the white sports car.

  “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” he said. He inhaled, then shouted “DRIFT, TRANSFORM!” The inkling disappeared. The front wheel wells and headlights split away from the car. The hood folded to the underside to reveal a robot’s head while the doors split from the car to reveal the arms hidden behind them. The rear of the car split to let legs extend while folding to make feet so the tires were the stabilizing elements. The robot then stood up and bowed.

  “BUMBLEBEE, TRANSFORM!” As she disappeared, the yellow compact’s rear wheel wells swung down and joined near the front of the car as the front wheel wells extended and became feet. The doors split away from the car to become arm armor. The head popped out where the rear of the car was. The robot bounced up and down.

  “JAZZ, TRANSFORM!” The grey luxury car’s rear split down the middle and extended on legs. The roof and doors of the car twisted around to the back of the robot. The arms sprouted from the underside of the front and the front flipped down to reveal the robot head. The robot spun on his feet like Michael Jackson in Smooth Criminal.

  “OPTIMUS PRIME, TRANSFORM!” The trailer bed and wheels split in half and went to opposite sides of the semi. Hands flipped from the underside of the trailer bed halves and flexed. The front of the truck pulled away from the cab and folded to make legs. The knees were facing the opposite direction, so the legs turned 180° at the waist. The rear of the cab split and became upper arm armor while the fuel tanks went to the waist.

  “Impossible!” said Agent 1. Alex noticed something about the look in the Captain and Agents’ eyes.

  “Hold on a sec, did you guys know about the Autobots?!” he asked.

  “I believe I told you that the Inkling government saw us in robot mode,” said Optimus.

  “That,” said Agent 2, “and there was a Splatfest with a Transformers theme. We only had scant few historical documents about you guys.”

  “The documents said that you were a guy, Optimus,” said Cap’n Cuttlefish.

  “WHAT!?” said Optimus. “I’m offended!”

  “What’s a Splatfest?” asked Alex.

  “To explain that,” said Bumblebee, “we need to understand the turf war battles. Stemming from the Great Turf War, the idea is to cover the most turf in your team’s ink to win. The ink is scanned from the Inkling’s blood sample and is stored in a special container that refills whenever you hide in your ink in squid form.”

  “Like the matter replicators we had!” said Alex.

  “Exactly!” said Jazz. “Now, get hit by an enemy’s ink, you burst in that enemy’s ink color. Because of that, the starting gates have respawn points that are equipped with an Inkling’s genetic code and their memories before they were splatted so they can remember who splatted them and get revenge if they so desire. Splatfests are when the Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie, announce a theme for turf wars and the Inklings pick a side and try to earn the most points for their side.

  “So, it’s paintball, but with your ink instead of paint pellets,” said Alex.

  “That’s about the shape of it,” said Optimus. “These Octarians can’t hide in ink like inklings do, but they can cause some damage.”

  “With that in mind,” said Cap’n Cuttlefish, “I’ve set up different respawn points in the valley. Each spawn point is limited to three respawns, so be careful. The Octarians captured other, littler Zapfish, so getting them will lead us to the Great Zapfish. Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with being prepared for damage, so you’ll need some armor, Alex.” Alex got a set of clothes like Agents 1 and 2. “Starting today, you are Agent 3 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon! That hero suit is a perfect fit! (For a hand me down from Agents 1 and 2.) Optimus will be Agent 4, Jazz is Agent 5, Bumblebee is Agent 6, and Drift is Agent 7. Now, let’s go beat those nasty Octarians! I’m counting on you!”

  “The Decepticon is coming with us?!” said Alex.

  “The New Decepticon Tribunal recommended him. He’ll be fine,” said Optimus as the Autobots transformed back into vehicle mode and switched on their holo-forms, which had the hero suit. “Now then, where do we start?”

  “We’re going to the Octotrooper hideout,” said Agent 1. “The transport kettle should be over there; we just need to ink it up like the Octarians.”

  “Can’t we just use bullets?” asked Alex.

  “I’m afraid not,” said Bumblebee. “Because of the semi-liquid nature of the Inklings and Octarians, the bullets just go through them. Ink’s the only way to deal with them.”

  “Check this out!” said Optimus as she pulled out a giant paint roller and whacked it against something a few times before her ink revealed a kettle. “Let’s go, squiddos!” she said. No one said a word.

  “Optimus, maybe you should stick to the rallying cry,” said Alex.

  “That WAS a rallying cry!” protested Optimus. “I was trying to…! You know what, forget it. Let’s just roll out.” All 7 agents turned into squid form and went into the kettle.
  It had been many years since mammals had existed on our planet. For ages, life from the sea had become land based and started walking around. The scientists of the new life forms had recently uncovered a pod. The pod could not be opened, so the scientists left it alone. After 10 years, the pod opened with no one to watch it. What stepped out looked like one of the dominant life-forms on the planet. It was the male of the species and it looked like a human with tentacles on the head. It had a black marking around the eyes, looking like a mask, pointy ears, the two big tentacles tied in a ponytail, which were yellow, pale skin, and blue eyes. It was dressed up in military gear, specifically, American Marine gear. The name on his uniform said “Alex Richardson” and the stripes on his uniform indicated he was a First Sergeant. He got out a med pouch and his weapons from the pod and wandered into the city. He looked at one of the two semi-automatic pistols he was currently carrying. “I want to examine this little prize,” he thought. He then realized how fatigued he was and sat down on a bench.

  “Are you all right?” asked one of the creatures in an unknown language. Alex looked at it to see it was female as it had its longer red tentacles hanging down on each side of her head, had gold eyes, a hair-clip on the left side of her head, and was in a schoolgirl outfit.

  “Sorry?” asked Alex. He had a feeling his artificial language centers hadn’t adapted to the local language. The girl realized that there was a language barrier, so she attempted to sign her question. Alex signed that he would be all right. Just then, the main outdoor screen started playing. A couple of girls appeared on the screen.

  The first girl’s tentacles, which were black with a pink-purple tinge at the ends, were very long and tied in a large bow on the back of her head, leaving the ends to dangle. She had large, angular eyes with gold irises and light brown pupils in the shape of a plus or a 'ninja star'. Her eye markings ended in small points, and her eyebrows were large and oval shaped. Her ears were slightly narrower, longer, and upturned than those of the average member of these creatures, and on them she wore a pair of chunky, milk-white earrings. Her outfit, which had no sleeves and ended in shorts, was black with a reflective texture, as if covered in sequins. On the front were three magenta marks, which, somewhat morbidly, were made to look like the cuts made in squid when it is cooked. With this outfit, she wore magenta tights, white gloves, and a small, white, pointed neck accessory giving the impression of a shirt collar. On her feet, she wore a pair of black wedge shoes with a texture similar to leather, which had a shiny pink-purple material on the bottom and two pink buttons on either side of the ankle. She wore a pink and white hat resembling the Japanese fast food Ikayaki on her head, and had a birthmark on her left cheek. She looked a bit edgier than the other girl.

  The other girl’s tentacles, which were light gray, were tied in a large bow on the right side of her head, with the ends wrapped around to the other side and curling up slightly at the ends. She also had a bright green tinge at the ends of her tentacles. She had eyes like her partner’s. Her eye markings ended in small, slightly curved points, and her eyebrows were large and oval shaped. Her ears were also slightly narrower and longer than those of the average creature, and, like her partner, on them, she wears a pair of chunky, milk-white earrings. Her outfit, which had no sleeves and, unlike her partner, ends in a skirt, was black with a reflective texture, also as if covered in sequins. On the front were three bright green marks, with the same design like the first girl. With this outfit, she wore green tights, black shorts, white gloves, and a small, white, pointed neck accessory giving the impression of a shirt collar. On her feet, she wears a pair of black wedge shoes with a texture similar to leather, which had a shiny green material on the bottom and two green buttons on either side of the ankle. She wore a green and white hat resembling a calamari ring, and had a birthmark on her right cheek.

  “Hold on to your tentacles…,” said the first girl in the unknown language.

  “It’s Inkopolis News time!” said the other girl in the same language. The girls’ names were displayed, but for the life of him, Alex couldn’t read them, or the subtitles.

  “Local language and alphabet assimilated,” said his language centers’ computer. “Downloading now.” A jolt of electricity ripped through his head.

  “Hey, are you all right?!” said the girl from before. She then realized that it was the same guy with the language barrier and so attempted to sign her concern.

  “I’ll be all right, ma’am,” said Alex. The girl noticed he spoke her native language and looked at him oddly.

  “You DO speak Inkese?” she asked.

  “Sorry, ma’am,” said Alex, “I was a little dizzy and it sounded like you were speaking an unknown language.” He decided not to reveal the whole truth about him being a human once.

  “Well, if you’re sure about you being all right,” said the girl. She then turned her attention to the big screen. “Come on! What are the stages?!” she asked excitedly.

  “Ooh! Newsflash! Newsflash!” said the first girl, whose name read as Callie.

  “What is it? What is it?!” asked the second girl, whose name read as Marie.

  “Callie and Marie?” asked Alex to himself. “Really?”

  “Inkopolis’s Great Zapfish has…vanished!” said Callie.

  “Wait, seriously?” asked Marie. The audience then turned to the tower in the middle of the plaza.

  “If it doesn’t get found, are we gonna be out of power?” asked Callie.

  “Oh, I’m sure it’ll be fine…hopefully,” said Marie, trying to be positive.

  “I wonder if it has anything to do with that UFO crash!” said Callie. Alex didn’t know, but once the UFO’s picture came up, he could swear he recognized the technology.

  “Sounds likely to me,” said Marie.

  “Well, that’s all for now!” said Callie. “Until next time, folks…”

  “Staaaay fresh!” said both girls as they posed. The screen switched off. The people started talking amongst themselves.

  “This Zapfish must be the main battery for these people,” thought Alex. He was about to ask himself what these people were called when someone whisked him over to a sewer grate. “WHAT THE HELL?!?!” he said once he stopped. The person was a girl with blue tentacles, blue eyes, a red jacket, a blue mini-skirt, a white scarf, and a pair of headphones on. She was grinning like an imp.

  “Come on, little dude! Let’s go!” she said.

  “Just a second!” said Alex. “Who are you?! I never even met you before!”

  “Sure you have, Alexey-poo!” said the girl. She gave another impish grin, showed off an insignia on her shoulder, and then she turned into a small, blue squid and dove into the sewer grate.

  “Alexey-poo?” said Alex. “The only one who called me that was…” then he remembered the insignia on the girl’s shoulder. “Hey! Wait a second!” As if he already knew, he turned into a small yellow squid and dove on after the girl.

Never gonna give you up!
Never gonna let you down!
Never gonna run around and desert you!
Never gonna make you cry!
Never gonna say goodbye!
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you!

APRIL FOOLS, FRIENDS! I ain't going nowhere!
Happy April Fools, my friends. My stuff is still going on. I've got plenty of things for Mario: Tales of the Transformers, especially when the Autobots eventually discover that Megatron's spark...oops, I said too much. Anyways, catch you all later!


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