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  Back on Cybertron, Strongarm sat in her husband’s…no, it was her office while Prowl was away. She is acting as Captain of Praxian Law Enforcement and will not let her mind change on that subject. In any case, she sat in her chair and waited for the officer she called in. After a few minutes, he did. He was a tall mech that transformed into a black and white police issue Ford Mustang Saleen S-281E. Like many a Praxian, his alternate mode’s front served as his chest. He had window wings, instead of full door wings. The doors themselves served as upper arm protection and the front wheels were located on the top of the shoulders. The rear doors served as lower arm protection and the rear wheels were located on the back of his hands. The rest of the rear of the car served as his legs while the roof folded onto his back. His helmet design was pointed at the top and he had a goatee. “You wished to see me, ma’am?” asked the mech.

  “Sit down, Barricade,” said Strongarm. Barricade sat at the seat in front of her desk. “I’m not happy, Barricade,” said Strongarm, “not happy at all.” She moved to the front of her desk. “Ask me why.”

  “Okay,” said Barricade, genuinely confused, “why?”

  “Why what?” asked Strongarm. “Be specific.”

  “Why are you not happy?” said Barricade, a little miffed that he had to play this with Strongarm when he had perps to nail.

  “Your methods make me unhappy,” said Strongarm.

  “Have you gotten complaints?” asked Barricade.

  “A few complaints,” said Strongarm, “I can handle. What I can’t handle are frequent complaints on police brutality caused by you, according to eyewitnesses! We can’t have the people scared of stepping out onto the streets when police are on patrol!”

  “Did I do something illegal?” asked Barricade.

  “No,” said Strongarm in a low growl.

  “Are you saying we shouldn’t get criminals off the street?”

  “Common sense and the law require that I answer no.”

  “We’re supposed to be slamming criminals in prison!”

  “We’re supposed to be protecting the public and serving its greater good! Starting with assuring people that law enforcement is on its side! We can’t scare people into falling in line!” Strongarm then ran her hands down her face. “Barricade, a police station and its crew…”

  “Are like a machine?” finished Barricade.

  “I was going to say clock, but yeah. It only functions properly when all the parts mesh together. To do that, all parts must be properly maintained and kept clean. No rust, no corrosion at all, just smooth sailing.” She was about to continue, but Barricade’s attention had been drawn away outside. “Barricade, look at me when I’m talking to you! Didn’t your mother teach you how to pay attention?!”

  “Someone’s getting mugged right outside the station!” said Barricade.

  “That will be dealt with!” said Strongarm.

  “With the rookies you have here? No way,” said Barricade.

  “You’re not authorized to arrest the perp!” said Strongarm.

  “Someone with experience has to stop him!” said Barricade as he moved for the door.

  “Stay where you are or you’re fired!” threatened Strongarm. Barricade stopped. “Move away from the door,” said Strongarm. Barricade stepped back. “Get over here now,” said Strongarm as she tapped her foot. Barricade was not pleased at losing a perp. The air was still and the room was quiet, but Strongarm wasn’t intimidated. He finally stopped in front of her. The mugger was taken in by the new guys. “I’m not happy with your methods,” said Strongarm quietly, “not happy at all. You pull anymore police brutality on anyone, you will be forced to turn in your badge and gun. Clear?” She motioned for Barricade to whisper his response in her audio receptors.

  “Crystal clear,” Barricade hissed.

  “Dismissed,” said Strongarm. Barricade left and Strongarm sat back down at her desk. She ran her hands down her face and sighed. Her door chimed again. “Enter,” she said. A femme with an alt mode and a build like Prowl’s came in. She was born as Silverstreak, but recently changed her name to Bluestreak. She had a cylinder of Energolisis on her hand.

  “Thought you might need this,” said Bluestreak.

  “Thank you, but I’m not tired,” said Strongarm.

  “You’re lying,” said Bluestreak, “but I appreciate the sentiment. It’s my shift now, go ahead and talk to Sideswipe.” Strongarm nodded, took the Energolisis and walked out of the office. Bluestreak was in charge as the nighttime police chief. Strongarm finished her Energolisis once she reached the door. She put the cylinder into the waste disposal near the door. Once outside, she transformed and put her holo-form on. Her holo-form was a heavyset pale woman with brown hair in a bun and police clothes. She sped off on the Cybertronian streets and then commed Sideswipe.

  “Hey!” said a surfer-dude voice, “this is Sideswipe, here for any last minute homicide cases!”

  “Maccadam's Old Oil House, five breems,” said Strongarm.

  “Er, all right boss,” said Sideswipe. The call ended as she made her way to the greatest diner on Cybertron, Maccadam’s Old Oil house. The greeter let her in and a waitress named Lickety-Split, who had wheels for feet and a helmet design that made her almost like Sailor Moon, she just didn’t have the long pigtails. She led Strongarm to a table that had a red mech that transformed into a 2014 Lamborghini Aventador. His helmet had something on the front so whenever he drives his head into another bot’s, he’d leave a big dent. His vehicle mode’s front connected to his waist where the license plate would be. The roof and windows had turned 180° from the front and had become the robot’s back. The rear had split in half, folded down so the rear bumper became the robot’s kneepads. The feet came from the old split.

  “Hey, boss bot!” said Sideswipe. “What’s the word?”

  “Not until after we order,” said Strongarm. She turned to Lickety-Split. “Just a straight cube of Energon.”

  “I’ll have a cube spiked with motor oil,” said Sideswipe.

  “Coming up, cous!” said Lickety-Split. She zoomed off and left the two alone.

  “Now will you tell me what’s going on?” said Sideswipe. “This secretive wigging out isn’t like you.”

  “The offices back at the station have been bugged,” said Strongarm in a whisper.

  “What?” said Sideswipe in the same whisper. “We do the bugging! We’re the police!”

  “My office, too!”

  “So, the question is, who shall bug these self-same buggers?”

  “There’s something else.”

  “Something more bugging you?”

  “Will you be serious for a cycle?!” Strongarm then inhaled. “Look, I have to take you off the Tarkana case. I wasn’t supposed to tell you and Sunstreaker until tomorrow, but what will the higher ups do, take away my retirement fund when it’s worth 10 chips on the cube?” Sideswipe then realized the whole situation. He may act like an idiot, but that was a spectacle to hide his investigative abilities. Only a select few knew about it, his twin brother being chief among them. There was something or someone that didn’t want him poking around in the business with Optimus’ secretary, so they thought that removing him and Sunstreaker from the case would get them to stop. Strongarm never said anything about investigating on the sly, and she was counting on him to notice that.

  “Okay, Strongarm, you want me and Sunstreaker back on the garage killing?”

  “That would be perfect,” said Strongarm. Lickety-Split came back with their orders and so they drank their Energon and traded war stories about how they brought the end of the Decepticon run Praxian internment camps. Strongarm had finished her story and Sideswipe was in the middle of his.

  “So there I was, strapped to a dissection table with Knock-out about to cut me open and with Lugnut watching. Just as Knock-out was about to start, Lugnut told him to wait…”

  “Just so he could monologue?” asked Strongarm.

  “Just so he could monologue!” said Sideswipe. “And you what he will say at a moment’s notice. ‘The Decepticons shall crush you unworthy Autobots! The glorious Decepticons shall wipe out your tyranny! The universe shall praise our hallowed name!’” He was about to continue when their comms units chimed in.

  “All units, this is Bluestreak,” said the caller. “We’ve got trouble near the station. Barricade got into an argument with Sunstreaker and now they’re fighting it out. I don’t think Barricade’s holding it back. He’s about to kill Sunstreaker!”

  “On our way!” said Strongarm and Sideswipe. They paid for their Energon, transformed once they got out of the diner, and sped towards the police station. Time was of the essence, and they used every ounce of speed they had. Once they arrived, they saw Barricade over a battered Sunstreaker. He was built like Sideswipe, only yellow and had Thor like helmet wings. On top of that, he had missile launchers on his shoulders. Barricade was about to punch through Sunstreaker’s spark chamber before he decided to speak.

  “I had that guy in the bag,” he said, “until you tackled me and let him get away! You kept going on about how punishing criminals as they’re being arrested is wrong! And yet that coddling has allowed them to escape again and again and again and again and nothing changes! And so, for interfering, you shall pay with your spark!”

  “And,” said Strongarm as she and Sideswipe raised their guns, “on top of being fired, Barricade, you’re under arrest for excessive force and attempted mech slaughter. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, the court shall provide one to you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?”

  “Are you fragging serious?!” said Barricade as he carelessly tossed Sunstreaker aside. “We’re supposed to punish and enslave any and all criminals! Society will never change unless we take control!”

  “That’s not what an Autobot would say,” said Strongarm. “Now, are you going to come quietly, or do I have to risk going too far?” Barricade said nothing, he just charged at Strongarm and got into a grappling match with her. Strongarm managed to get out of Barricade’s hold and get him onto the ground. “You really should have taken the easy way,” she said. A couple of police bots came to the scene. “Take him in,” said Strongarm as she slapped stasis cuffs onto Barricade’s wrists.

  “The Autobot way is wrong!” said Barricade as he was led away. “All it does is coddle other bots!”

  “Tell that to the judge,” said Strongarm.
Transformer: Mobian Chronicles CH 18
Things are starting to fall apart on Cybertron.
As you know, Prowl just came in on a new ship. Optimus is making a poll, but he's settling on calling it the Ark. I need a name that the people of Mobius and the Autobots voted for. What do you think the name should be?
No deviants said The Exodus
No deviants said The Watchful
No deviants said The Star Puncher
  The place Optimus drove to was Emerald Coast. Everyone had gone home for the evening, which was a pity, because the sunset was gorgeous. Optimus had transformed so he could see the sunset with his own optics. He sat down on the sand and watched as the sun painted a display of purple, yellow, red, and orange. As he gazed, he imagined himself on the roof of the Iacon Hall of Records with Elita 1. She hated being called by her real name, Ariel, so she and her sister followed their uncle’s footsteps, name-wise. In Optimus’ daydream, he was back to being Orion Pax. He and Elita were gazing lovingly at each other and were slowly leaning towards each other. They were about to kiss when an alarm blared and Orion Pax quickly became Optimus Prime again, albeit a startled Optimus Prime. “Who’s there?!” he demanded as he drew his gun. He then heard laughter.

  “Man,” said the laughter’s source, “I can only imagine what your face looked like!” Optimus blinked, then put his hand to the side of his head as if he was using his comms unit.

  “What the heck, Teletraan?!” he said.

  “Your daydream was too good!” said Teletraan. “I had to do it!”

  “Was there a reason you called,” asked Optimus, “or were you just trying to give me a spark attack?”

  “Well,” said Teletraan, “yes, actually. A ship has entered Mobius’ orbit. It’s starting its landing cycle.”

  “The Harbinger?” asked Optimus. “Already?”

  “Er, no,” said Teletraan. “In fact, it’s not a Decepticon ship. It’s one of the newer Autobot warships.”

  “What?!” said Optimus. "Who authorized it to come here? I didn’t ask for reinforcements!”

  “You didn’t, but, if things do check out, the Council sent it,” said Teletraan. “The rest of the team is already at the landing site.”

  “Bridge me there, now,” said Optimus. The Ground Bridge opened and Optimus transformed back into vehicle mode and sped into it. He emerged in a grassy area to see the team, Sonic, and Amy already there. “Ratchet, what have we got?” asked Optimus as the ship extended its landing struts.

  “It’s the new Vanguard-class Deep Space Interceptor,” said Ratchet. “Built for speed and is heavily armed with sixteen port-side particle combustion cannons, sixteen starboard laser emitters, a primary star-field missile launcher, and an Overshock sonic battery. Its full crew compliment is 300, but can be piloted with a scratch crew of eight.”

  “Teletraan,” said Optimus, “identify the bots on board.”

  “Well, Optimus, here’s the thing,” said Teletraan, “I’ve only got two spark signatures on board. One of them is some bot called Prowl, the other, I don’t have a match for.”

  “Only two?!” said Optimus. “A scratch crew of eight is stretching it, but two?!”

  “Hold on, Teletraan, did you say Prowl?” asked Jazz.

  “I did,” said Teletraan.

  “Someone you know?” asked Amy.

  “He’s head of Praxian Law Enforcement on Cybertron,” said Jazz.

  “And he’s here because…?” asked Optimus.

  “We’re about to find out,” said Ironhide. The entrance ramp lowered and revealed a figure inside. The figure stepped down the ramp to reveal Captain Prowl of the Elite Guard: Praxian Law Enforcement.

  “Captain Prowl, reporting for duty, sir!” said Prowl as he saluted.

  “At ease, Captain,” said Optimus. “What brings you and your compatriot here?”

  “Well, sir,” said Prowl, “the Council sent me here because the Space Bridge we had didn’t work properly, like someone sabotaged it.”

  “Not really reassuring,” said Optimus.

  “The ship also served as one that could overtake the Harbinger,” said Prowl.

  “Overtake it?” asked Optimus. “Why didn’t you ask it to heave to?”

  “Because I was just sent here to tell you that the ship has escaped Decepticon prisoners on board, not the Throttlebots as originally thought,” said Prowl.

  “HA!” said Ironhide. He turned to Ratchet. “And you owe me some Shanix!”

  “Oh no!” said Ratchet.

  “How did they get out of the Stockade?!” asked Optimus.

  “Judging from the Spark signature,” said Prowl, “an Autobot got them out.”

  “An Autobot did what?!” said Ratchet.

  “That was 20 mega cycles of my life alone putting each of them in their cells!” said Ironhide. “That son of a glitch!”

  “Possibly the rest of it, if the Decepticons are gonna start the fight again,” said Prowl.

  “As if we don’t have enough Decepticon problems as it is!” said Optimus.

  “Wait, what?” said Prowl.

  “Shockwave survived the raid of her Earth lab,” said Optimus. Prowl tensed up.

  “Er, Prowl,” said Jazz, “any history you wanna share?”

  “Shockwave ran a Praxian internment camp I was in,” said Prowl. “I thought Megatronus killed her! A shot to the head usually does that!”

  “Save your anger for when we actually meet her,” said Optimus. “In the meantime, you and your travel buddy need to scan a new vehicle mode. I’ll clear this landing incident with the government and…”

  “Travel buddy?” asked Prowl.

  “Yeah,” said Optimus, confused at Prowl’s reaction, “the other bot on board.”

  “What other bot?” asked Prowl.

  “We found two spark signatures on board,” said Ratchet.

  “Impossible, I was the only one on board,” said Prowl. “The Council put in a computer program that took over the whole ship and flew me here. It fragmented beyond repair and so I deleted it.”

  “Then, who’s the…?” Optimus asked before something came through the hull from the inside and ran away. “Hey! That’s a new ship, buddy!” said Optimus. The creature didn’t listen as it ran away.

  “Yet another problem,” said Cliffjumper.

  “On top of getting a new vehicle mode for Prowl,” said Optimus. “On that note, Prowl, we’re using extreme cover on account of there being too much Energon here.”

  “How?!” asked Prowl.

  “Don’t look at me!” said Optimus. “We’re still trying to figure that out!”

  “We’ll brief you on our situation when we get to base,” said Ratchet. Optimus commed in.
"Base, requesting Ground Bridge,” he said.

  “Understood, sir,” said Teletraan.

  “Is someone at the base?” asked Prowl.

  “Hey! Hello!” said Teletraan.

  “He isn’t connected,” said Optimus, “he can’t hear you.”

  “Actually, yes I can,” said Prowl. “Who are you?”

  “I think you knew me by my project name,” said Teletraan, “Project: Battle brain?”

  “You do know that the A.I. was declared unstable?!” said Prowl.

  “Your face is unstable!” said Optimus.

  “…Wow Op, really?” asked Jazz.

  “Sadly, that was the best he could give at an awkward moment,” said Teletraan.

  “Shut it, and bridge the nine of us back,” said Optimus.

  “Nine?” said Prowl. “You mean these two met you guys before?”

  “Mobius’ news people caught us and did their job,” said Optimus.

  “An entire planet knows about us?!” said Prowl. “Article 9, Section 6, Subsection 31 of the Pax Cybertronia states…”

  “I know we’re supposed to be robots in disguise!” snapped Optimus. “However, if we didn’t let the world know we’re here, we may be mistaken for their local enemy. A man named Dr. Eggman has discovered how T-cogs function and is digging up the resting places of the fallen soldiers here. He has an empire of robots and people are antsy about us as it is. Hence why we have a liaison with the government.”

  “And you believe these people can offer anything to us?” asked Prowl.

  “Well,” said Optimus, “Sonic here can run at speeds capable of breaking the sound barrier and Amy can magically summon an over-sized hammer out of nowhere. And that’s just a small percentage of the super powered people here.”

  “Well,” said Prowl, “that’s…enlightening. …To base then?”

  “Bridge is right behind you guys,” said Teletraan. “By the way, I call being Ship-board A.I.”

  “Dibs on being the captain,” said Optimus.

  “What?” said Prowl. “You can’t call dibs on a Naval position!”

  “Sure I can,” said Optimus. “Dibs.”

  “You really are a child,” muttered Prowl. The Autobots, Sonic, and Amy went through the portal. Once it shut, the figure from the ship tapped its foot.

  “The curse of deep cover,” the figure muttered in an alto voice. She then darted into the nearby woods.
  After Optimus was given his physical, Ratchet released him and it was another day of sensor sweeps for Shockwave and Metal Sonic. The Autobots were getting restless. “Anything?” asked Optimus.

  “No,” said Ratchet. There was a few minutes’ silence.

  “How about now?” asked Optimus.

  “Optimus,” said Ratchet with a little less patience, “you will be the first to know if I find something.” There was a longer silence. A few minutes later, someone crept up on Ratchet and tapped his shoulder. Ratchet groaned as he guessed who the finger belonged to. “Would someone keep him occupied so I can get some work done?!”

  “Hey, Optimus,” said Bumblebee, “can I talk to you?”

  “What about?” mumbled Optimus.

  “That rallying cry you used last week,” said Bumblebee. “The Autobots and I have been talking and we like that one.”

  “What? Transform and roll out?” asked Optimus.

  “That’s the one,” said Bumblebee. Optimus considered.

  “Bumblebee’s right,” said Ratchet, “it’s short and simple. That’s the mark of a more powerful rallying cry.” Optimus considered some more.

  “You know,” he said, “I like that. Transform and roll out it is!”

  “Hey, Prime!” said Jazz as he came into the base. “Check it out!” He fished out a metal orb from his subspace pocket. Ratchet saw it and his optics widened in surprise.

  “Where did you find that?” he asked.

  “It was during my patrol around the base,” said Jazz. “I found it embedded in the mountains.”

  “I remember a picture of that thing from the history trax,” said Optimus. “Didn’t Iacon put valuable secrets into those things and send them off of Cybertron to keep them out of Decepticon hands?”

  “They certainly did,” said Ratchet. “The containers can only be opened by a master coder. At the moment, that’s you, Optimus.”

  “If the thing inside is dangerous,” said Optimus, “I need you on standby.”

  “Understood,” said Ratchet. Optimus then got to work. It took a long, tedious time to finally get the codes to change properly to open the orb. Streams of light flew out from two perpendicular latitudinal lines and an equatorial line. The resulting hemispheres then floated away from each other to reveal a piece of computer equipment.

  “That’s a computer brain,” said Jazz.

  “Wait,” said Bumblebee, “if I recall, the only computer brain that was sent away from Cybertron during the war was…”

  “The brain of our experimental artificial intelligence!” said Ratchet. “I was one of the bots that helped with the project!”

  “You mean Teletraan 1?” asked Optimus. “As in, the failed A.I. that sent many an Autobot into madness after endless screaming?!”

  “The same,” said Ratchet.

  “Then we should get rid of it!” said Bumblebee as he primed his plasma stinger.

  “Hold on!” said Optimus. “Ratchet, what caused Teletraan 1 to scream?”

  “From what we deciphered,” said Ratchet, “he said ‘Too fast! Too much!’” Optimus stroked his chin.

  “Let’s install Teletraan 1 into our system,” the young Prime said.

  “What!?!” was the reaction of every Autobot in the room.

  “I have a theory,” said Optimus. “Teletraan 1 is supposed to be a battlefield A.I., right?”

  “Right,” said Ratchet.

  “So,” said Optimus, “that means that all Autobots would send the A.I. battlefield data through a computer link in their armor. That data would then be analyzed and Teletraan would send suggestions and the Autobot would choose the best course of action, right?”

  “Right again,” said Ratchet.

  “What if we’ve added too many Autobots too quickly for Teletraan 1 to initially process?” asked Optimus. “What would happen if we slowly turn him on and slowly add Autobots to his computer link?” Ratchet considered this.

  “That might explain some things,” he said. “It’s like the combiner mindset. The minds of all the components have to meld together to make a single mind. That takes the entire combination process and it’s a slow process.”

  “Why don’t we install Teletraan 1 to our systems, then introduce ourselves slowly to his brain so we don’t hear his screams,” said Optimus.

  “Might work,” said Ratchet.

  “I’m hesitant,” said Bumblebee, “but all right.” They opened up a panel under the main console and managed to wire the brain into it. Once they replaced the panel, Optimus was at the controls. As the computer was accepting new updates, he slowly introduced Autobot minds into the system. The process was long, tedious, and nail-biting. There was just one button left to push, and Optimus had to push it. He gulped. He finally pushed the button. For a few seconds, it seemed like hours to the Autobots, there was silence.

  “Anyone here screaming?” asked Optimus.

  “I don’t think that’ll be happening,” said a voice. It startled the Autobots and made them look around. “I’m inside your heads, bots,” said the voice again. The Autobots stopped moving, then turned to the main monitor. The camera was tracking their movements. On the screen was a male bobcat in a t-shirt and jeans. “Hey guys!” said the bobcat.

  “Teletraan 1?” asked Optimus.

  “That’s me!” said the bobcat. “The battlefield artificial intelligence for Autobot use.” Optimus blinked, then decided to check his ethics.

  “Teletraan,” he said, “I’m going to give you a scenario in which you must answer from a logical standpoint and a moral standpoint.”

  “What’s the scenario?” asked Teletraan 1.

  “The citizens of planet Vorlax continue to pollute the planet, get angry at each other over religion, resources, and money, and continue to sell its children off into slavery of all kinds. As the most powerful computer, what do you do?”

  “From a logical standpoint,” said Teletraan 1, “I would summon a fleet of battleships, have them orbit the planet, and point the guns at their heads ‘for their own good’.”

  “I could practically hear the quotation marks around the phrase ‘for their own good’,” said Jazz.

  “Because my ethical subroutines are saying that that course of action is wrong,” said Teletraan 1. “My main function is to provide the Autobots battlefield data so they can act more effectively in combat. Maintaining an active fleet would require micro management of an entire planet and killing anyone who wants to take me out of the picture. So, in sober truth, Vorlax can do as it wishes.”

  “So, in other words,” said Bumblebee, “slag them, it’s not my problem.”

  “Yep,” said Teletraan 1.

  “Then, nothing more needs to be said,” said Optimus. “Welcome to the Autobots, Teletraan 1!”

  “Glad to be part of the team,” said Teletraan 1. “I’ve connected to the new Sky Spy and I’m currently sweeping the planet for Shockwave or Metal Sonic.”

  “And?!” said Optimus.

  “Nothing,” said Teletraan 1. Optimus shouted at the heavens in frustration. He sighed, then went to the front door. “Where are you going?” asked Teletraan 1.

  “I’m going for a drive,” said Optimus. “I can’t stay cooped up in here!”

  “But you might get spotted by Shockwave!” said Ratchet. “And the other enemy, it’s always watching!”

  “Eggman?” asked Bumblebee.

  “No, those annoying news people!” snapped Ratchet.

  “If I encounter anyone untrustworthy,” said Optimus, “I’ll contact you guys. Besides, Teletraan 1 is in constant contact with us all.”

  “Oh, fine!” said Ratchet. “Just be careful.” Optimus grinned and transformed. His exit was far from slow and tidy. He practically rocketed out the door, scattering some dust and tools. One of them snapped in half when it hit the wall. Ratchet’s optics went wide. He then turned to the empty door. “OPTIMUS, I NEEDED THAT!”
Transformer: Mobian Chronicles CH 16
How many people wanted to hear Ratchet shout at Optimus that he needed a certain tool rather than whisper that they needed the Omega Lock?
Hey guys! It's me again with another journal. I noticed that a lot of people have been liking Transformers: Mobian Chronicles. Come to think of it, a lot of people like Felidine Multiverse. By the way, I apologize for the slowness for the next chapter, college and all that. In any case, I have decided that it's time for a Q n' A session with the characters here on this page! Tom Wilson, Megatronus, Thomas, Mycala, Vader, you name 'em, just ask 'em. However, any questions about their future will just have the characters scratching their heads. No "R" rated questions either. Some of these guys are not mature enough for those questions yet! No shipping either, I will decide the couples. With that, let's start asking questions!


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