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  Lord Demon paced his ready room. He appeared to be deep in thought. “I know I’ve seen someone like that girl from somewhere,” he thought. “Where have I seen him or her?” He started straining his brain to the absolute limits. His brain then flashed on a battle that he had one time. It was with his arch rival at the time. The rival started taking shape in his mind. It was a feminine shape. The face took that of a Japanese woman 21 years old. That’s when he remembered that the woman had cat ears and a tail. “…Her?” he whispered. “A child? Impossible. She was poisoned after that battle. There’s no way she could survive a week after that.” Someone knocked on the door. “Enter,” he said. A Bio-drone scout entered.

  “My lord,” he said, “we’ve found some ashes where the Shock trooper general died.”

  “Ooohhhkay,” said Lord Demon.

  “Well, we’ve discovered from the surviving genetic material,” said the Scout, “that she drew blood from the cat girl and took some skin cells. We’ve analyzed those cells.”

  “And?” asked Lord Demon.

  “Well,” said the Scout, “we’ve found something that disturbed us. The cat girl has some DNA that’s similar to Ichigo Harada.”

  “Impossible,” said Lord Demon, “she was poisoned after our last fight.”

  “True,” said a feminine voice. Lord Demon whipped his head to the right and saw Ichigo Tanaka sitting in his chair.

  “YOU!” said Lord Demon. “How did you get here?! You’re supposed to be dead!”

  “I am dead, thanks to you,” said Ichigo.

  “Then, how are you here?” asked Lord Demon.

  “Well, through insane willpower,” said Ichigo, “I managed to delay death for a while. I went to an undiscovered version of Earth where everything we know is considered fiction. For roughly 19 years I've had a form of arthritis. 2 years after I left for the undiscovered Earth, I married a man called Fuji Tanaka. A year later, I had a child with the same ears and tail as me. I raised her until death took me about a week after her 16th birthday. The final poison symptoms were similar to the final stages of leukemia. I asked my husband to tell our daughter about the eventual fight she’s currently in right now.” She grinned impressively. “Knowing her, she’s probably having dreams of knitting your intestines into a sweater.” She started fading. “Ah, I seem to be off. Good seeing you again, Lord Demon.” She faded completely. Lord Demon’s face contorted in rage.

  “I’m going to the temper room,” he said to the Bio-drone scout. “Make sure Shiki, Kiki, and King Kold are informed before dinner.”

  “Yes, my lord,” said the Scout. Lord Demon strode out of his ready room, walked down the hall until he reached an elevator. He entered it.

  “Deck seven,” he said. The elevator whizzed up the tube, arrived, and let Lord Demon loose. He turned to his right and stopped by a door. He opened it and entered the room. As he shut the door, he stated that he had a level three temper on the brain. A whole slew of wooden dummies popped out of the floor. He walked to the center of the room and stood there for a while. He then let out a shriek of anger and frustration. As he blasted dummies with ki energy and his bare hands, he started venting verbally. “I DON’T UNDERSTAND!” he shouted. “SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO DIE IMMEDIATELY! I SHOT HER WITH A POISON DART AND SHE SURVIVED LONG ENOUGH FOR HER DAUGHTER’S SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!?” He destroyed all the dummies in explosive fury. When he finished, he stood seething in fury. His seethes slowly turned into normal breaths. He then took a couple of deep breaths and relaxed his face. “Okay, that’s enough,” he told himself, “you’ve had hardballs thrown your way; you can certainly deal with this one.” One last deep breath; and he headed to the door. It opened to reveal Shiki and Kiki outside.

  “The scout told us the news,” said Shiki. “I can truly understand your need for the temper room. I thought that poison I concocted would have killed her in an instant. Who knew she had so much fight in her for 19 years after the fight.”

  “This is gonna be a problem, my lord,” said Kiki.

  “There are no such things as problems,” said Lord Demon, “just potential solutions.”

  “Forgive my slight sarcastic tone,” said Shiki, “but how do you propose we solve this ‘potential solution’?”

  “We can discuss that after dinner,” said Lord Demon. “Speaking of, how far off is it?”

  “It’s about to be served,” said Shiki.

  “Then we should make our way to the dining room,” said Lord Demon. They entered the elevator. “Deck 20,” said Lord Demon. The car zoomed up the tube and then stopped at the dining hall. It was a room with a glass ceiling overhead. Outside, the sun was starting to set. King Kold was waiting.

  “Everything all right?” he asked.

  “Not everything,” said Lord Demon, “but I’m okay.” The servers came in with plates of food. Lord Demon, King Kold, Shiki, and Kiki sat down. The food then rested on the table.

  “Enjoy,” said the Bio-drone that served them. He left the room.

  “Let’s dig in,” said Lord Demon. Everyone started biting into their food. “So,” said Lord Demon after he swallowed, “what’s the news of the Telarak sector?”

  “The war going on in the Constellation of Kasterborous has died down.” said Shiki.

  “Who would have thought that the Time War would actually get quiet after the raging fires it spread across the universe?” asked Lord Demon. He took a bite of the roast Raldek ribs and swallowed. “I’d be happy to destroy the Daleks because those guys are so monolithic and hateful. I’d rather blow up Skaro than let that little Doctor do it. It’s a pity he already destroyed Skaro with a remote stellar manipulator. Of course, the Daleks and I have crossed paths before. Their screeching, metallic tones wear one’s nerves thin. I’d be doing Gallifrey a favor, really.” He took another bite from his Trendar salad and swallowed. “That said, I’m no fan of the Time Lords either.” He took his glass and raised it to his mouth. “Such self-important people. Don’t even see the chaos going on in the universe. Once we’re finished here, I’ll destroy both sides.”

  “When I said ‘died down’,” said Shiki, “I meant that the Time War is over. Both sides have destroyed each other, my Lord.” Lord Demon choked on his drink at that bit of news.

  “What?” he said when he recovered. “Both sides lost?”

  “King Kold was the one who told me this,” said Shiki. She took a bite from her Drarnel loin.

  “Allow me to explain,” said King Kold, “The final battle took place on Gallifrey. The Daleks surrounded the planet and destroyed the stronghold city, Arcadia. That’s when it happened. Some say the Daleks used their ships’ self-destruct systems to destroy the planet, some say the Time Lords sacrificed their planet to keep the Daleks from taking it, and some say that some meteor destroyed the war. Either way, Gallifrey exploded, taking the Daleks with it. There were only a handful of survivors, a Time Lord called the Doctor and small remnants of the Dalek Empire.”

  “Incredible,” said Lord Demon. “I never thought that the Dalek Empire would actually get a taste of its own medicine.” The dark lord grinned. “The Time Lords also got what was coming to them. Looks like I won’t need to waste energy finding Gallifrey.” Lord Demon took another bite of his meal. He swallowed and decided. “Let’s let Frieza find the spheres.”

  “Sir?” asked Shiki.

  “We let him gather the spheres, see if that boy and girl and whatever allies they find fight him for them, and then swoop in and make our wishes,” explained Lord Demon. “That reminds me, what are your wishes?”

  “Wouldn’t that bring bad luck?” asked Kiki.

  “I don’t follow,” said Lord Demon.

  “In some cultures, such as mine and Shiki’s,” explained Kiki, “telling someone your wish is considered bad luck and the opposite of the wish will come true.”

  “Ah, never mind then,” said Lord Demon. He took another bite of his meal. “Mm, this is fantastic! Who made this?”

  “I believe it was Norvas the Culiran,” said Shiki.

  “That man certainly knows how prepare a meal,” said Lord Demon. “I must give him my compliments.” The meal was greatly appreciated by all four diners. Plots have they laid, inductions dangerous.
Felidine Multiverse Ch 16
Things have taken a turn for the worse for Lord Demon. How can he handle his temper?
Previous: Felidine Multiverse Ch 15
  After 4 days, Tom and Sakura were released from the hospital. Tom breathed deeply. “Free at last,” he said.

  “We would have gotten out sooner if you kept your big mouth shut!” snapped Sakura as she reached into her pocket. She felt around it for a while. “Okay, maybe in this pocket,” she said as she went to her other pocket. A look of panic crossed her face as she moved both hands to her rear pockets.
  “Please, God, no!” she said as she felt around her jacket pockets.

  “What is it?” asked Tom.

  “I…don’t…have it!” she whispered.

  “What don’t you have?” asked Tom.

  “Only something that would let us go through Tokyo relatively unnoticed,” she said. “Money, I left my supply of yen at home!” Tom’s eyes went wide.

  “How are we going to get to this Hikawa Shrine?” he asked.

  “Is everything all right?” asked a voice. The kids jumped a few feet up and turned around. Setsuna was standing right behind them in casual clothing.

  “Seriously,” said Sakura, “you ought to do something besides pop up behind people when they least expect it!”

  “Sorry,” said Setsuna. “You seem to be in trouble. What’s wrong?”

  “I left my supply of yen at home,” said Sakura.

  “That does make transportation a problem,” said Setsuna. “The way I see it, flying there might be the only option.”

  “I wish it wasn’t,” said Sakura. “I wanted to attract as little attention as possible.”

  “Says a girl with functional cat features,” said Tom.

  “You don’t exactly blend in yourself mister!” said Sakura.

  “Stow it,” said Setsuna. “It seems that flying is the only option for you two. You better get moving.” Sakura sighed. There just wasn’t any easy way to get to the shrine.

  “All right,” she said in defeat. The two kids jumped into the air and gained altitude quickly. They reached Tokyo’s skyline and scanned the ground.

  “Can you see it?” asked Tom. He asked Sakura because compared to him, she was an expert on Sailor Moon and its locations.

  “No,” said Sakura. Something caught her eye. “Hey, there’s Usagi!” she said.

  “Who?” asked Yindra in their heads.

  “Tsukino Usagi,” said Sakura, using Japanese name order. “That’s the civilian name for Sailor Moon.”

  “How do people know it’s Sailor Moon?” asked Yangtressa.

  “That’s easy,” said Sakura, “there’s only one Japanese girl with blonde hair and blue eyes with that specific hairstyle.” Tom looked down and saw a schoolgirl running to her destination. It was in the familiar Sailor Moon buns with ridiculously long pigtails.

  “Is she late for school?” asked Yindra.

  “Not likely,” said Sakura. “It’s late in the afternoon. School’s closed.”

  “So, what do we do?” asked Yangtressa.

  “Either we fly aimlessly around Tokyo,” said Sakura, “or we follow her.”

  “Be lost in Tokyo,” said Tom, “or be called stalkers: what a choice.” He sighed. “Can we at least follow her at a higher altitude?”

  “Sure,” said Sakura. They went higher so Usagi couldn't spot them.

  “One question,” said Tom, “how will we explain ourselves?”

  “You’re the protector of the Multiverse,” said Sakura, “you figure it out.”

  “This is gonna be a long talk,” said Tom as they hovered over Usagi.
Felidine Multiverse Ch 17
We've got another short chapter ladies and gentlemen. Time to play "Spot the pun!"

Hey guys!

I have a few things I need to say. First off, Felidine Multiverse is coming along, just slower than usual. I have no idea how Tom and Sakura are going to get to Hikawa Shrine, considering that they arrived in Tokyo without any money.

Second, a few people on my facebook have been saying that they want to drop kick Phil or stab or cook him for seeing his shadow today. This led me to asking why we have a day dedicated to these creatures. Animals like Phil are something that you don't want on your property. They destroy everything.

Third, a few of you have noticed that Mickey Mouse and Snow White from Disney travelled to Sodor. Yes, I am making a crossover between Disney and Thomas the Tank Engine. Who hasn't made a Thomas crossover?

And finally, I had just finished Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, so expect an adaption of it here with a couple of OC's from a made up kingdom called the Toonian Empire. As advertised in their name, they have control over cartoon physics. I'm looking at walkthroughs of the game to get the lines from the cutscenes. I don't remember all of the cutscenes. 

That's all for now. Make sure you dropkick Phil for seeing his shadow!

Farewell, ladies and gentlemen!


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